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8 October 1993

South Africa Government Gazette dated 1993-10-08 number 120


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          IRIPHABLIKI                                                                 REPUBLIC           OF
           YECISKEI                                                                      CISKEI

             IGAZETHI                                                                  GOVERNMENT
      YOBURHULUMENTE                                                                          GAZETTE

Uma, 21               eBISHO                  No. 120         Vol. 21                  BISHO                   No. 120
                     08/10/93                                                        08/10/93

                                      DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS

                                    GOVERNMENT       NOTICE     No. 86 OF 1993

Levying of rates   and   charges:   Bulk   water   supplied   by the    water   directorate    of the   Department   of
Public Works.
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