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6 December 1993

South Africa Government Gazette dated 1993-12-06 number 15321


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                                        R E P U B L IE K V A N S U ID -A F R IK A
                                        R E P U B L IC O F S O U T H A F R IC A

                 Government Gazette

  Vol. 3 4 2                                 P R E T O R IA , 6 D E S E M B E R                 1993                    N o. 1 5 3 2 1

       GOEWERMENTSKENNISGEWING                                                            GOVERNMENT NOTICE

     DEPARTEMENT VAN BINNELANDSE                                                          DEPARTMENT OF HOME
               SAKE                                                                            AFFAIRS
N o . 2365                              6 D e s e m b e r 1993          N o . 2365                                        6 D e c e m b e r 1993
              PUBLIKASIES OF VOORWERPE                                                    PUBLICATIONS OR OBJECTS
                 ONGEWENSTE PUBLIKASIE                                                    UNDESIRABLE PUBLICATION
   ’n Komitee bedoel in artikel 4 van die Wet op Publi-                    A Committee referred to in section 4 of the Publica­
kasies, 1974 (die Wet), het kragtens artikel 11 (2) van                 tions Act, 1974 (the Act), decided under section 11 (2)
die Wet beslis dat die ondergenoemde publikasie                         of the Act that the undermentioned publication is unde­
ongewens is binne die bedoeling van artikel 47 (2) van                  sirable within the meaning of section 47 (2) of the Act:
die Wet:
                                                           LYS/LIST P93/30

 Inskrywing No.                   Publikasie of voorwerp                               Skrywer of voortbringer                          Artikel 47 (2)
    Entry No.                      Publication or object                                 Author or producer                             Section 47 (2)

P93/11/57..........   H ustler C lassics Vol 2 (Photos Vol 2 No 12 to   JT Publishing, Doornfontein.................................         (a)
                        Vol 22 No 22)

  58075 —A                                                                                                                             15321— 1
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