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7 April 1993

South Africa Government Gazette Regulation Gazette dated 1993-04-07 number 14739


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                                R E P U B L IC O F S O U T H A F R IC A
                                R E P U B L IE K V A N S U ID -A F R IK A

            Government Gazette
                 Regulation Gazette               N o. 5 0 5 8             Regulasiekoerant

  V ol. 3 3 4                            P R E T O R IA , 7 A P R IL 1 9 9 3              N o. 1 4 7 3 9

            GOVERNMENT NOTICE                                     GOEWERMENTSKENNISGEWING

       MINISTRY OF LAW AND ORDER                                   MINISTERS VAN WET EN ORDE
No. R. 624                              7 April 1993        No. R. 624                           7 April 1993
                PUBLIC SAFETY ACT, 1953                            WET OP OPENBARE VEILIGHEID, 1953
                    UNREST AREAS                                            TOT ONRUSGEBIEDE
   Under section 5A (2) of the Public Safety Act, No. 3        Kragtens die bevoegdheid my verleen by artikel 5A
of 1953, and with the approval of the State President, I,   (2) van die Wet op Openbare Veiligheid, No. 3 van
Hermanus Jacobus Kriel, Minister of Law and Order,          1953, en met die goedkeuring van die Staatspresident,
hereby extend the declaration of the areas mentioned        verleng ek, Hermanus Jacobus Kriel, Minister van
in the Schedule, which areas were declared by Govern­       Wet en Orde, hierby die verklaring van die gebiede in
ment Notice No. R. 64 of 8 January 1993 to be unrest        die Bylae vermeld, welke gebiede by Goewerments-
areas, for a period of three months.                        kennisgewing No. R. 64 van 8 Januarie 1993 tot onrus-
                                                            gebiede verklaar is, vir ’n tydperk van drie maande.
                   SCHEDULE                                                       BYLAE
  The Magisterial District of Estcourt/Winterton, includ­     Die landdrosdistrik van Estcourt/Winterton, inslui-
ing the area known as Wembezi, as demarcated and            tende die gebied bekend as Wembezi, soos afgebaken
described in Government Notice No. 3564 of 24 Octo­         en omskryf in Goewermentskennisgewing No. 3564
ber 1969.                                                   van 24 Oktober 1969.
  The Magisterial District of Mooi River, including           Die landdrosdistrik van Mooirivier, insluitende die
the area known as Bruntville, as demarcated and             gebied bekend as Bruntville, soos afgebaken en
described in Government Notice No. 1209 of 16               omskryf in Goewermentskennisgewing No. 1209 van
August 1957.                                                16 Augustus 1957.
H. J. KRIEL,                                                H. J. KRIEL,
Minister of Law and Order.                                  Minister van Wet en Orde.
   2525 — A                                                                                       1 4 7 3 9 —1
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