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28 December 2005

KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Gazette dated 2005-12-28 number 6453

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GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY — BUITENGEWONE                                                                     KOERANT — IGAZETHI EYISIPESHELI

         THE          |       DIE
 Provincial Gazette Provinsiale Koerant                                                                                                               IGazethi
                       OF                                                                 VAN                                    |                YESIFUNDAZWE
   ~ KwaZulu-Natal                                                      KwaZulu-Natal                                                    sakwaZulu-Natali
         Published by Authority                                              . Op Gesag Uitgegee                                                   Ishicilelwe ngegunya
 (Registered at the post office as a newspaper)                   (As ’n nuusblad by die poskantoor geregistreer)                     _(Irejistiwe njengephephandaba eposihhovisi)

             No. 6453                                         '      WEDNESDAY, 28 DECEMBER                                                                            2005

             Notices which have been translated or checked by the Language Services Division are indicated by a }.

                                                                             “MUNICIPAL NOTICE
             72    Municipal Demarcation Board: Publication of decisions of the Municipal Demarcation Board in terms of the
                   Local Government: Municipal Demarcation Act, 1998 read with the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act,
                   1998, the Constitution Twelfth Amendment Act of 2005 and the Cross-Boundary Municipalities Laws Repeal and
                   Repeal Matters, 2005 00... eeccsesecssensesesetseceseseeeeeesstecens ceceteevesevenseenss Leeseteseuecseneseccensensasenaccassecsacsssesseessaons   4222
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