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20 March 2014

Mpumalanga Provincial Gazette dated 2014-03-20 number 2277

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                                        THE PROVINCE OF MPUMALANGA
                                        DIE PROVINSIE MPUMALANGA

                       Provincial Gazette Extraordinary
                      Buitengewone Provinsiale Koerant
                                (Registered as a newspaper) ● (As ’n nuusblad geregistreer)

       Vol. 21                        NELSPRUIT, 20 MARCH                  2014               No. 2277

   We all hove the power to prevent RIDS
                                                                                0800 012 322
                                                                              DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH

                 Prevention is the cure

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not be held responsible for the quality of
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submitted for publication purposes

401216—A                                                                                          2277—1
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