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6 January 2017

Zambia Government Gazette dated 2017-01-06 number 6543

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                             REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA

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No. 6543]                                     Lusaka, Friday, 6th January 2017                                           [Vol. LIII, No. 1
                                                                              To: Andrew Ndanga Kamanga
            TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                     House No. 3, Ngulube Road
                    Gazette Notices                         No. Page              Prospect Hill
Lands Acquisition Act—Notice to Yield Up Possession         1     1               Lusaka
Lands and Deeds Registry Act—Notice of Intention                              And to: All persons claiming to be interested in the said property.
   to issue Duplicate Document                              2        1
Marriage Act—Appointment of Person to Solemnise                                IMPORTANT NOTE—Your attention is drawn to Section 17 of the
   Marriages                                                3        1     Lands Acquisition Act which requires the persons entitled to transfer
Companies Act:                                                             the said land to transfer the same to the President within two months
       Notice Under Section 337                            4         2     of the publication of this notice.
       Notice Under Section 337                            5         2
       Notice Under Section 361                            6         2        Dated this 21st day of December, 2016.
       Notice Under Section 361                            7         2                                                           J. KAPATA,
       Notice Under Section 361                            8         2     P.O. Box 50694             Minister of Lands and Natural Resources
       Notice Under Section 361                            9         2       LUSAKA
       Notice Under Section 361                            10        2
       Notice Under Section 361                            11        2     GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 2 OF 2017                               [72651841
Zambia Wildlife Act—Notice of Forfeiture of Property       12        3
Advertisements:                                                                            The Lands and Deeds Registry Act
       Citizenship of Zambia Act—Notice of Intention                                       (Chapter 185 of the Laws of Zambia)
          to Apply for Registration                        —         4                                 (Section 56)
       Fisheries Act, 1974—Fisheries Regulations,
          1986—Notice of Intention to Apply for a                           Notice of Intention to Issue a Duplicate Certificate of Title
          Fishing Licence                                  —         4
                                                                               FOURTEEN DAYS after the publication of this notice I intend to
       Air Services Act—Notice of Application for an
          Air Service Permit                               —         4     issue a Duplicate Certificate of Title in the name of Buks Haulage
       Urban and Regional Planning Act—Notices of                          Limited in respect of Lot No. 38966/M situate at Ndola in the
          Application for a Lost Document                  —         4     Copperbelt Province of Zambia in extent of 14.5040 hectares in the
       Lost Documents                                      —         4     Copperbelt Province in the Republic of Zambia.
       Money-Lenders Act—Notices of Application
                                                           —                  All persons having objections to the issuance of the duplicate
          for a Money-Lenders Certificate                            5
       Deceased Estates                                    —         5     certificate of title are hereby required to lodge the same with the
       Deed Poll—Notices                                   —       6-8     Registrar of Lands and Deeds within fourteen days from the date of
                                                                           publication of this notice.
GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 1 OF 2017                                 [7265154                                                           J. L. KAYUNI,
                    The Lands Acquisition Act                              REGISTRY OF LANDS AND DEEDS              Assistant Chief Registrar of
                           (Section 6)                                       P.O. Box 70700                                   Lands and Deeds
                   Notice to Yield Up Possession
    WHEREAS the President has resolved that it is desirable or expedient   GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 3 OF 2017                                [7265049
in the interests of the Republic to acquire the property described in
the Schedule hereto.                                                                              The Marriage Act
                                                                                               (Laws, Volume IV Cap. 50)
    AND WHEREAS notice was given, served on the 11th day of October,
2016 and published in the Gazette on the 11th day of November,                     Appointment of Person to Solemnise Marriages
2016 that it was the intention of the President to acquire the said           IT IS HEREBY NOTIFIED for public information that in exercise of the
                                                                           powers conferred upon the Town Clerk for Ndola City Council by
    AND WHEREAS the President has certified that the said property is      section (5)2 of the Marriage Act, Cap 50 of the Laws of Zambia, the
urgently required: NOW THEREFORE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in terms of        person named in the Schedule attached hereto be appointed to
Section 6 of the Lands Acquisition Act that you are directed to yield      solemnise Marriages in the Republic of Zambia.
up possession of the said property on or before the 31st day of
December, 2016.                                                                                                                 E. M. SUMANI,
                              SCHEDULE                                     NDOLA                                                    Town Clerk
                        (Description of Property)                                                      SCHEDULE
   All that piece of land in extent 4901 square metres more or less                Name                                     Church
being Subdivision C of L/3130/M situate in the Lusaka Province of          Fredrick Asan                           Baptist Union of Zambia
Zambia which piece of land is particularly delineated and described                                                 P.O. Box 70625, Ndola
on diagram Number SD-15211/2015.
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