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28 February 2017

Zambia Government Gazette dated 2017-02-28 number 6553

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               REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA

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No. 6553                   Lusaka, Tuesday, 28th February, 2017                                [Vol. LIII, No. 11

                     GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 141 OF 2017

                        The following Statutory Instrument is published as a
                     Supplement to this Gazette:

                            Statutory Instrument No. 19 of 2017: The National Pension
                               Scheme Act—National Pension Scheme (Investment)
                               Regulations, 2017.

                                                                     B. B. MULENGA,
                     LUSAKA                                      Permanent Secretary,
                       27th February, 2017              Ministry of Labour and Social
                         [MLSS.101/9/12/9]                                    Security

               Printed and Published by the Government Printer, P.O. Box 30136, 10101 Lusaka

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