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7 March 2017

Zambia Government Gazette dated 2017-03-07 number 6555

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                REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA

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No. 6555]              Lusaka, Tuesday, 7th March, 2017                                            [Vol. LII, No. 13

                  GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 152 OF 2017


                     THE UNDERMENTIONED Bill which it is intended to be introduced in
                  the National Assembly is published with this Gazette for general
                         No. 7 of 2017: The Banking and Financial Services Bill, 2017;

                                                                     DR. R. MSISKA,
                  LUSAKA                                       Secretary to the Cabinet
                    7th March, 2017

                         Printed and Published by the Government Printer, P.O. Box 30136, Lusaka
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