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17 March 2017

Zambia Government Gazette dated 2017-03-17 number 6558

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                         REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA

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No. 6558]                                 Lusaka, Friday, 17th March, 2017                                          [Vol. LII, No. 16

NOTICE NO. 175 OF 2017                                                            Column A                           Column B
                   The Statutory Functions Act                            Hon. Moses Mawere MP, Minister      Hon. Charles R. Banda, MP,
                     (Laws, Volume 1, Cap. 3)                               of Youth Sport and Child            Minister of Tourism
                                                                             Development was authorised         and Arts
           Temporary Transfer of Statutory Functions                         to travel to Addis Ababa,
    IT IS NOTIFIED for public information that the Honourable                Ethiopia, on official duty
Ministers set out in Column A hereunder were authorised to be out           from 25th January to
of the country on Government business.                                      1st February, 2017
    In exercise of the powers contained in Section (4) of the Statutory   Hon. Victoria Kalima, MP,           Hon. Silvia Chalikosa, MP,
Functions Act, Cap. 3 of the Laws of Zambia, the President did              Minister of Gender was              Minister Office of the
                                                                            authorised travel to Addis          Vice-President
confirm the appointments of the Honourable Ministers set out in
                                                                            Ababa, Ethiopia, on official
Column B hereunder to temporarily perform the duties of the                 duty from 25th January to
Honourable Ministers set out in Column A.                                   1st February, 2017
            Column A                            Column B                  Hon. Given Lubinda, MP,             Hon. Stephen Kampyongo, MP,
Hon. Lawrence Sichalwe, MP,            Hon. Freedom Sikazwe, MP,            Minister of Justice was             Minister of Home Affairs
   Minister of Chiefs and                 Minister for Presidential         authorised to travel to Addis
   Traditional Affairs was                Affairs                            Ababa, Ethiopia, on official
   authorised to travel to South                                             from 24th to 31st January
   Korea on official duties from                                             2017
   31st January to 5th February,                                          Hon. Harry Kalaba, MP,              Hon. Vincent Mwale, MP,
                                                                            Minister of Foreign Affairs         Minister of Local
   2017                                                                     was authorised to travel to         Government
Hon. Stephen Kampyongo, MP,            Hon. Davis Chama, MP,                Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on
   Minister of Home Affairs               Minister of Defence               official duty from 23rd January
   was authorised to travel to                                              to 1st February, 2017
    Swaziland on official duty                                            Hon. Prof. Nhandu Luo, MP,          Hon. Matthew Nkhuwa , MP,
    from 31st January to 4th                                                Minister of Higher Education        Minister of Works and
    February, 2017                                                          was authorised to travel to         Supply
Hon. Dr. Chitalu Chilufya, MP,         Hon. Dr. Dennis Wanchinga,           the United Kingdom on
   Minister of Health was autho-          MP, Minister of General
                                                                            official duty from 22nd to
                                                                            29th January, 2017
   rised to travel to Addis Ababa,        Education
   Ethiopia on official duty                                              Hon. Margret D. Mwanakatwe, MP,     Hon. Joyce Nonde Simukoko,
   from 30th January to 1st                                                 of Commerce Trade and               MP, Minister of Labour

   February, 2017                                                           Industry was authorised to         and Social Security
                                                                            travel to abrosd on a private
Hon. Rev. Godfridah Sumaili, MP,       Hon. Emeline Kabanshi , MP,          visit from 18th to 24th
   Minister of National                   Minister of Community             January, 2017
   Guidance and Religious                 Development and Social          Hon. Dora Siliya, MP, Minister      Hon.Michael Z. J.Katambo, MP,
   Affairs was authorised                 Welfare                            of Agriculture was authorised      Minister of Fisheries and
    to travel to South Korea                                                 to travel to Germany on            Livestock
    on official duty from 30th                                               official duty from 17th to
   January to 8th February, 2017                                            27th January, 2017
Hon. Jean Kapata, MP, Minister         Hon. Dora Siliya, MP,              Hon. Felix Mutati, MP, Minister     Hon. Christopher Yaluma, MP,
   of Lands and Natural Resources         Minister of Agriculture           of Finance was authorised           Minister of Mines and
   was authorised to travel to                                              to travel to Europe on official     Minerals
   Malawi on private visit                                                  duty from 17th to 27th January,
   from 27th to 30th January,                                               2017
   2017                                                                   Hon. Lloyd M. Kaziya, MP,           Hon. Mathew Nkhuwa, MP,
                                                                            Minister of Water Development,      Minister of Works and
Hon. Lucky Mulusa, MP, Minister Hon. Margret Mwanakatwe, MP,                Sanitation and Environmental        Supply
    of National Development and           Minister of Commerce              Protection was authorised to
    Planning was authorised to            Trade and Industry                travel to the United Arab
    travel to South Korea on                                                Emirates on official duty from
   official duty from 27th to                                               14th to 20th January, 2017
   30th January, 2017                                                                                                               135
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