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28 July 2017

Zambia Government Gazette dated 2017-07-28 number 6595

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                             REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA

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No. 6595]                                     Lusaka, Friday, 28th July, 2017                                      [Vol. LIII, No. 53

GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 503 OF 2017                                                                                                  [768633/1
                                                    The Energy Regulation Act
                                                  Chapter 436 of the Laws of Zambia
                                                Notice of Intention to Issue Licences

   MEMBERS of the General Public are hereby informed that the Energy Regulation Board intends to issue Licences to the under-listed
Applicants, thirty (30) days from the date of this notice in accordance with the provisions of the Energy Regulation Act Chapter 436 of
the Laws of Zambia.

   Any one objecting to the issuance of any of such Licences whether on personal, environmental or other grounds may do so by filing
a written objection within thirty (30) days of the publication of this notice as stipulated under section 10 of the Energy Regulation Act
as read with the Energy Regulation (Licensing) Regulations 1998 Statutory Instrument No. 2 of 1998. The objector must provide their
physical address and contact details. The written objection must be addressed to: The Executive Director, Energy Regulation Board,
Plot No. 9330, Off Alick Nkhata Road, P.O. Box 37631, Lusaka.
   Dated this 11th day of July, 2017.
                                                                                                                              A. POLITO,
P.O. Box 37631                                                                                                     for/Executive Director,
  Lusaka                                                                                                        Energy Regulations Board
                                                        INITIAL APPLICATIONS

ID Applicant         Address and        Name of            Name of Directors/        Directors        Type of            Application Date
                     Location           Shareholders/      sole Traders              Interest in      Licence
                                        Sole Traders                                 other Energy

1. Blue Planet       Plot No            1. Michael         1. Michael Christopher         None        Manufacture,       24.02.2017
   Solar Zambia      397A/4/4,             Christopher        Sammons                                 Wholesale
    Limited          Kafue Road,            Sammons        2. Iain Trevor Sammons                     Importation
                     Lusaka                (British)                                                  and Installation
                                        2. Iain Trevor                                                of Solar Energy
                                          Sammons                                                     Systems
                                           (Zambian)                                                  (Valid for
                                                                                                      5 years)

2. Angar             Plot No 303,       1. Hussein         1. Hussein Abdi                None        Transportation 23.01.2017
   Enterprises       Off Commando          Abdi               Mohamoud                                of Petroleum
                     Road, Jacaranda       Mohamoud                                                                      Products
                     Villa, Ndola          (Zambian)                                                                     (Valid for
                                                                                                                         3 years)

3. Access Logistic 823A Nakambala 1. Amina Yusuf 1. Amina Yusuf                           None        Transport          25.04.2017
    Zambia Limited Crescent,               (Ethiopian)     2. Ali Abdi Yussuf                         Petroleum
                   Industrial Area,     2. Ali Abdi                                                                      Products
                     Ndola                 Yussuf                                                                        (Valid for
                                           (Kenyan)                                                                      3 years)
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