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29 September 2017

Zambia Government Gazette dated 2017-09-29 number 6607

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                         REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA

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No. 6607]                                 Lusaka, Friday, 29th September, 2017                                      [Vol. LIII, No. 65

           TABLE OF CONTENTS                                             GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 624 OF 2017

                   Gazette Notices                        No. Page                           The Public Holidays Act
                                                                                             (Laws, Vol. 15, Cap. 272)
Statutory Functions Act—Statutory Functions of the
   President (Delegation) Notice, 2017                   623     635                                     Notice
Public Holidays Act— Notice                              624     635
Companies Act:                                                             IT IS NOTIFIED for public information that the days set out in the
       Notice Under Section 337                          625     635     schedule shall be observed in the Republic of Zambia as non-working
       Notice Under Section 337                          626     636     Public Holidays in the year 2018.
       Notice Under Section 361                          627     636                                                       DR R. MSISKA,
       Notice Under Section 361                          628     636     LUSAKA                                     Secretary to the Cabinet
       Notice Under Section 361                          629     636       26th September, 2017
Lands and Deeds Registry Act:                                                [CO. 101/9/1]
       Notice of Intention to Issue Duplicate
          Document                                       630     636                                SCHEDULE
       Notice of Intention to Issue Duplicate                            Day            Date                Holiday
          Document                                       631     636
       Notice of Intention to Issue Duplicate                            Monday         1st January, 2018   New year’s Day
          Document                                       632     636     Thursday       8th March, 2018     International Women’s Day
Commissioner for Oaths Act— Appointment of
   Commissioner for Oaths                                633     636     Monday         12th March, 2018    Youth Day
Advertisements:                                                          Friday         30th March, 2018    Good Friday
       Citizenship of Zambia Act—Notices of
          Intention to Apply for Registration             —      637     Saturday       31st March, 2018    Holy Saturday
       Fisheries Act, 1974—Fisheries Regulations,
          1986—Notice of Intention to Apply for a                        Sunday         1st April, 2018     Easter Sunday
          Fishing Licence                                 —      637     Monday         2nd April, 2018     Easter Monday
       Zambia Telecommunications Company Limited
          —Tender Notice                                  —      638     Tuesday        1st May, 2018       Labour Day
       Money-lenders Act— Notices of Application                         Friday         25th May, 2018      Africa Freedom Day
          for Money-lender’s Certificate                  —   638
       Lost Documents                                     — 638-9        Monday         2nd July, 2018      Heroes Day
       Urban and Regional Planning Act—Notice of                         Tuesday        3rd July, 2018      Unity Day
          Application for Certified Copy of Lost
          Occupancy Licence                               —   639        Monday         6th August, 2018    Farmer’s Day
       Deceased Estate                                    —   639        Thursday       18th October, 2018  Day of National Prayer,
       Deed Poll—Notices                                  — 640-2                                           Fasting, Repentance and
    Statutory Instrument Issued as a Supplement
                   to this Gazette                        No.   Page                                        Reconciliation
Energy Regulation Act—Energy Regulation                                  Wednesday      24th October, 2018  Independence Day
   (Petroleum Marking and Monitoring)
   Regulations, 2017                                      69     797     Tuesday        25th December, 2018 Christmas Day
Income Tax Act—Income Tax(African Management
   Services Company) (Approval and Exemption)                            GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 625 OF 2017                          [7691212/4
   Order,, 2017                                           70     811
                                                                                                The Companies Act
GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 623 OF 2017                                                                      (Cap. 388)
                  The Statutory Functions Act                                               Notice Under Section 337
                      (Laws Vol.1, Cap. 3)
                                                                            NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Lion Resources Limited Registration
   The Statutory Functions of the President (Delegation)                 No. 120100088406 has been placed under liquidation with effect
                             Notice, 2017                                from the 1st day of September, 2017 and that Oscar Chipati of
  IT IS NOTIFIED for public information that in exercise of the powers   Capital Quest Agencies Limited, P. O. Box 310299, Lusaka, has/and
contained in article 109(1) of the Constitution of Zambia, upon          is hereby appointed Provisional Liquidator. The appointment is
departure for Luanda, Angola, for the Inauguration ceremony of the       within the powers contained in a Court Order dated 10th day of
President-elect of that country, His Exellency the President of the      April, 2013.
Republic of Zambia delegated the Functions of President to Her
Honour Mrs Inonge M. Wina, MP, Vice President, from 25th                                                                   N. J. MOOLA,
September, 2017 until his return.                                        P.O. BOX 32020                                 AssistantRegistrar,
                                                     DR R. MSISKA,          LUSAKA                      Patents and Companies Registration
LUSAKA                                       Secretary to the Cabinet         1st September, 2017                                    Office
  25th September, 2017
     [CO. 101/17/1]                                                                                                                    635
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