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1 February 2019

Zambia Government Gazette dated 2019-02-01 number 6735

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                            REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA

                           GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
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No. 6735]                               Lusaka,Friday, ist February, 2019                                             [Vol. LV, No. 8

Gazette Notice No. 127 oF 2019                                                                                                   [848134
                                                  Industrial and Labour Relations Act
                                                        Section 71 (1) (a) and (b)

                                           Joint Industrial Council Collective Agreement
                                                   (As Amended ist January 2018)


                             The Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors (ABCEC)

                                                                 and the

                            National Union of Building, Engineering and General Workers (NUBEGW)

                                                              for the Period

                                         Effective 1st January 2018 to 31st December, 2019

1.   PgRioD AND SCOPE:
   1.1. This Agreementis entered into by and betweenthe Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors(hereinafter called
the “Association’”) and the National Union of Building Engineering and General Workers (hereinafter called the Union) whereas both
parties agree that the documentaccurately reflects consensus reachedduring the course of negotiations andagree to abide by the terms and
conditions of this Agreement.
   1.2. The provisions of the Agreementshall apply to all members of the Joint Industrial Council and shall not apply to any support
staff employed by the employer that are not membersofthe union.
   1.3. This Agreement commenceswith effect from the Ist day of January, 2018 andthe contents herein shall have effect from the date
  1.4. The Parties hereto further agree that all benefits under the previous Agreement have beensettled in full by the employer in
compliance with the provisionstherein.
   2.1. “Building Industry”and/or “Industry” andor “Building and Allied trades” and or “Contractors involved in the Mining Industry”
shall be deemed to cover the industry in which employers and employees are associated for the purpose of erecting, completing, air
conditioning which requires structural adjustmentsoralterations, or additions, renovating, repairing, maintaining,oraltering buildings or
structures and/or the making and/or the manufacturing of articles for the use in erection, completion oralteration of buildings and
structures, whether the work is performed, the materials are prepared, or the necessary articles are made onthesites of the buildings or
structures or elsewhere, and shall include all work executed or carried out by persons therein who are engagedin the following activities
or subdivisions therefore:”
        2.1.1.   “Air-conditioning which requires structural adjustments or alterations and additions and which include installations
                  having for their purpose the delivery, extraction or conditioning of air for any purpose in any building or structure;”’
        2.1.2.   “Asbestos/cement/and/or any substitute material which includesthe fixing of roof covering whetheroftiles, corrugated
                  or flat sheeting, wall coverings, floor and wall tiling, pre-cast products, whether or not the fixing in the building or
                  structure is done by the person makingor preparing the article used;”
        2.1.3.   “Asphalting, which includes asphalting floors, roofs, water proofing foundations, basementsor walls, laying method or
                  other compositions and rubberflooring;”
        2.1.4.   “Bricklaying, which includes concreting and fixing of the concrete blocks,tiling of walls andfloors, pointing, laying
                  mosaic work, facing workin slate, in marble and in composition,drain laying,slating androoftiling, asphalting, whether
                  or not the fixing in the building or structure is done by the person making or preparing thearticle used;”
        2.1.5.   “Electrical installation, which includeselectrical fitting and wiring andoperationsincidental thereto;”
        2.1.6.   “French polishing, which includes polishing with a brush or pad and spraying with any composition;”
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