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17 May 2019

Zambia Government Gazette dated 2019-05-17 number 6765

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                        REPUBLIC OF ZAMBIA

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No. 6765]                                     Lusaka, Friday, 17th May, 2019                                         [Vol. LV, No. 39

                                                The Engineering Institution of Zambia

                                                         Register of Engineers
  The Engineering Registration Board of the Engineering Insitution of Zambia has approved the following persons for registration as
engineering professionals and they have been issued with Certificates and Practicing Licenses. The Practicing Licenses are valid up to 31 st
December, 2019.
   The following can be used by all registered Engineering Professionals: a registered engineer is entitled to use the titled Registered
Engineer or ‘Eng’ or ‘REng’, Registered Technologiest ‘RTeg’, Registered Technician ‘RTec’, Registered Craftsperson ‘RCra’ after his/
her name. In terms of the Engineering in Zambia Act No. 17 of 2010, NO person is ALLOWED to practice engineering in Zambia
WITHOUT registration and a valid Practicing License. To this effect, those professionals who have not yet renewed their licenses for
2019 or not registered should take this as an official final reminder to avoid any inconveniences.

                                                                                                                         ENG. N. ZULU,
                                                                                                    Registrar and Chief Executive Officer,
                                                                                                          Engineering Institute of Zambia
         AE                    —        Agriculture Engineering
         CE                    —        Civil Engineering (Environmental, Roads, Structural, Water and Sanitation)
         CHE                   —        Chemical Engineering
         EE                    —        Electrical/Electronic Engineering (Telecommunications, Control and Instrumentation)
         GG                    —        Geology
         HG                    —        Hydro-Geology Engineering
         LS                    —        Land Surveying
         ME                    —        Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical, Aircraft, Automobile, Mechanical, Production)
         MED.E                 —        Medical Engineering
         MT                    —        Metallurgical Engineering
         MG                    —        Mining Engineering
         PM                    —        Production Management
         A.PHY                 —        Applied Physics
         GEO                   —        Geomatic Engineering
          COM.ENG              —        Computer Engineering (Computers and Information Technology)

No.          ERB No.          EIZ No.               Name                                                                       Field
1.         0003461          0010136           Kumar Jeyapandian Sasi                                                         A.PHY
2.         2011451          2011451           Mutale Daniel Musonda                                                          A.PHY
3.         0007782          0027026           Sichone Paul                                                                   A.PHY
4.         0006592          0027025           Sidono Gift                                                                    A.PHY
5.         2017163          2017163           Asmelash Temesgen Habtu                                                        AE
6.         2017760          2017760           Black Erik Knut                                                                AE
7.         2010572          2010572           Chabala Anthony                                                                AE
8.         0007567          0021612           Chisuta Kennedy                                                                AE
9.         0004089          0012795           Kanene Robert Kalampila                                                        AE
10.        0010188          0010188           Lungu Emmanuel                                                                 AE
11.        0003332          0010094           Maliselo Mate Tedman                                                           AE
12.        0004514          0008568           Muchimba Parick Patrick                                                        AE
13.        0002223          0008409           Mukuka Ivor                                                                    AE
14.        0001617          0006047           Mukwangole Mukuwa                                                              AE
15.        0002663          0006018           Mulder Marc Stephen                                                            AE
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