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18 April 1980

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1980-04-18 number 43

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                                                                                                          - ZIMBABWE

                                                                                      EXTRAORDINARY                                                                    OO,                 *

                                                                                             oan, a

                        eo                                           SS                      "Publly Ausoriyy

                     ‘Vol. LVI, No. 43                                         a bin APRIL, 1980                                                                                         Price 25c.

                      General Notice 370of 1980.                                                                                  ‘@) theft of stock or- produce as defined |in the Stock Theft           ,
                                                     CONSTITUTION                                                                     Act [Chapter 72\3
                                      s                                                                                           (b)           receiving, knowing it to-have been stolen,      stock”or
                            General:‘Remission of Sentence and Special Pardon                                                                    produce as defined in the Stock Theft Act cl apter 72);
                                          7 and ‘Remission of Sentence                                         “f°                    (c)       any contravention of ahy of the provisions of the Stock
                                                                                                                                                 Theft Act [Chapter 72], other than section 7;
                       IT is hereby: notified that the President. has been pleased, in                                                (d)        any conspiracy, incitement or attempt to Commit any -
                      terms of section 67 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, to grant j-                                                     .    offence referredto in paragraph (a),(6) or (¢);
                    " an amnesty in the terms     out in the Schedule.
                                                                    M. F. GARNETT,                                                    (ec)      being an accessory after the fact to any offence referred
                      san,                                       ‘Secretary for Justice.|                                                       to in paragraph.@); ), (c) or (d);,
                                                                                                                                is hereby granteda full‘ remission ofthe remainder of the:
                                                                                                                                sentence of {imprisonment imposed upon him by the court.
                           PARDON- ‘IND REMISSION OF SE)SENTENCES.                                                              cC.                                                            t

                           FOR OFFENCES UNDERNATIONAL SERVICE,                                                              F
                                                                                                                                                    REMISSION OF SENTENCES OF
                         1. A. free pardon is hereby grantedto every person in|                                                                  IMPRISONMENT OF 18 MONTHS OR.LESS
                      respect of the commission by him‘before the 18th April, 1980,       Bvery person who is Serving a sentence of iniprisonment on
                      of ‘any contravention, for which he has not. been’ sentenced, ‘the 18th April, 1980, imposed upon him with or without the
                      of the National Service Act, 1979 (No. 19 of 1979) or the option of a fine which is of 18 months’ duration or less of.
                      National      ice Act; 1976 (No. 35 of 1976) or the regulations   which will expire within the period of 18 months next follow-
                    - made in terms .of either such Act or any conspiracy, incitement ‘ ing the 18th April, 1980, is hereby granted a full remission of
                      or attempt to commit any such contravention.                      that sentence of ‘ imprisonment or the remainder of that
                        2. Every person who is serving a determinate sentence of sentence of imprisonment, as ‘the case may be, +               -
                      imprisonmen on the 18th April, 1980,imposed upon him, with
                      or without.the option of a fine, for any contravention of any
                      pari or regulations referred to in paragraph ‘1 or.any con- |            GENERAL REMISSION OF ONE-THIRD OF
                          iC, incitement or attempt to commit ‘any such contra-                                                                  .BVERY SENTENCE OF IMPRISONMENT
                      vention is hereby granted a full remission of the remainder of
                      the. ‘sentence of imprisonment imposed upon ‘him by the court. |                                             Every person not referred to in Annexures A, Bore who if s
                                                                                                                                serving a detérminate sentence of imprisonment on the 18th
    cea ger er ae

                      Be                                                                                                        April, 1980, imposed upon himwith or without the option of

                           REMISSION OF ‘sinTENCE IN RESPECT OF                                                                  a firie ishereby granted a remission of one-third of the sentence
                           ‘OFFENCES RELATING. TO THEFT OF STOCK                                                                 of imprisonment imposed upon him by the court which shall
                       . ' Every
                              ry ‘person who is serving a senterice of. imprisonment’ on                                        be in addition to any other remission of the sentence of
                      the 18th April, 1980, imposed upon him, with or without the                                               imprisonment imposed upon him by the.court which may. be
                      option of a fine for—_ '                                                                                   granted or earned under any other law,.


                                                ew   hy              ;            ,

                                                                                                           ‘    .   ’

                                                                                                          CONTENTS                                           |: :
                                           “a:                                                        -                 .                   :        a             :
                                            NL                                                                                                           %                       °

                                                .                    No.                                       General Notice                                          . Page
                                  a         .               as                                                      ;and Special Pardon .
                                                                     370. Constitution: General Remission of Sentence
                            a                           :        .       .     and Remission ‘of Sentence                   —         ~~                 —    ~~       »   401

                           a ae            oS                                     Printed .by. the Govelnment Printer, Salisbury.                                                                   401
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