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19 May 1980

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1980-05-19 number 46

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                                                                                                                            , FOI son ey,          s                                         ~

                                                                       a Publishedby Authority Ui SAD

          “Vol. LVI, No.46                              '                           och MAY, 1980.                              —_ ud Bree 250
             \                                          '                                                                       ih SRY
        General Notice 394 of 1980.                                         a        t           General Notice 396 of 1980.                       a
                 _         RURAL LAND ACT [CHAPTER 155]                                                           LAND SURVEY ACT [CHAPTER 147]
                 ' ‘Notice of Intention to Cancel Deed of Grant and                                              Appointment of Acting Surveyor-General
                     Sa,     .        Deeds. of Transfer                            .
                                                                                                    IT is hereby notified that Mr; Raymond Sidney                                       Cole has,
          NOTICE is hereby given that the .Minister of Lands,                                    in terms of section 6 of the Land Survey Act: [Chapter 147]
        Resettlement and; Rural Development. proposes to direct the                              been appaqinted to act as Surveyor-General during the. period
        Registrar of Deeds, Salisbury, to cancel the Deed of Grant                               from the 19th May, 1980, to’ the 10th June, 1980.
        and 'Deeds of Transfer describedin. the Schedule, in terms of
     section 5 of the Rural Land Act[Chapter 155].                                                                                                          \                       -R. W. DELL,
          All persons having any objections to such cancéllations are                                                                         Seorbtary for Lands, Resettlement
       hereby required to lodge the same,- in writing, with the Minis- 9-5-80.                                                                         and Rural Development.
    ster of Lands, Resettlement and Rural. Development, Private.
      Bag |7726, Causeway, on or before Sth June, 1980,     Dos       _| General Notice 397 of 1980. |
        |i                       --
                                                                           R. W. DELL,
                                             "Secretary for Lands, Resettlement
                                                                                                                   INSURANCE, ACT [CHAPTER196]
        9-5-8);                  o“
                                                            andRural Development.                                Cancellation of Registration of an Insurer .
                                SCHEDULE.             ao        mo
         1. ‘Deed of Grant 12438, registered in the name of Hendrik                                TT is hereby notified, in terms of section 69 of the Insurance
            Johannes van der Merwe, in respect of a certain piece                                Act [Chapter 196], that the Registrar of Insurance has, in
             fof land, namely Soti Source, situate in the district of Gutu, } terms of subsection (3) of section 8 of the said Act, cancelled
            jin extent nine hundred and eighty five comma three two) theregistration of Aviation and General Instirance. Company
             four six (985,324 6) hectares.                                                      Limited,atits own request, with effect from the 31st December,
        2,. Deed of Transfer 3322/69, ‘registered in the name of     Afen- b                          .                                                                         J. M. GURNEY,
            drik Johannes van der Merwe, in respect of a certain piece 9-5-80;
          - jof land, namely Soti, situate in. the: district of Gutu, in
                                                                                            :                                                   .                       Registrar of Insurance, —
            extent one thousand.three hundredand forty seven com-
            ma three one five nine (1 347,315 9) hectares.                 GeneralNotice 398 of 1980.
     - 3, (Deed of Transfer3641/73, registered in the same of Hen-                                  fos
                                                                                                                 _ ANSURANCE ACT [CHAPTER 196]
            drik Johannes. van der Merwe, inrespect of a certain piece                              \
            of land, namely Rufundi,situate in the istrict of Gutu,                                              ‘Cancellation of Registration of an Insurer
           ‘in extent one thousand and eighty six co     nought three

           “six seven. (1 086,036 7) hectares...              °        _        .                  ‘TT is hereby notified, in' terms of section 69 of the Insurance
         4. Deed of Transfer 4092/54, registered in tthe name of           Act [CHapter 196], that the Registrar of Insurance has, in’
              endrik Johannes van der Merwe. in respect of a certain . terms of subsection (3) of section 8 of the said Act, cancelled
            piece of land, namely Tel El Kebir, situaite in the district the registration of British, Aviation Insurance Company
           of Gutu, in extent one thousand five hundred and fifty ‘Limited, at its own request, with effect from 31st December, —
            itwo commatwo three onefive (1 552,231 5) hectares.         .| 1979.                                           .     .
                                                                                             -                                                                                  J. M. GURNEY,-
       General Notice 395of 1980. ee                                                         ‘| 95-80,                                                              _ Registrar of ‘Insurance.
                                                                                              | General Notice 399 of 1980.
             Application forVariation of Scope ofRegistration of 2                            ‘PROTECTED PLACES AND:AREAS ACT [CHAPTER 89] —

                  Lo,        - Trade Union          ,
         I,BRIAN CLEARY, Industrial Registrar, hereby give notice, }.-                                     Revocation of Protected Places and Areas Order _
        in térms' of subsection (3) of section 42 of the Industrial
      - Conciliation Act [Chapter 267], that I-have received an
                                                                                                   IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Home Affairs, by .
                                                                 / written order made in terms of subsection (3) of section 6
     - ‘application for variation of the scope of. registration of the
                                                                   of the Protected;Places and Areas Act [Chapter 89], has
       Amalgamated Engineering. Union, to the extent set out in - revoked the order, published in Rhodesia Government Notice
       the-Schedulee =              Co                      Lg
                                                                   140 of 1966.     v        -                                                                      .           2
          An tegistered trade union having objection to such varia-                                                         ~                                          P. CLAYPOLE,
       tion. of registration is herebyinvited to lodge such objéction, . 9-580.                                                                            Seeretary for Home Affairs,
                                                                                                             :                        .     See
       in wiiting, with me, c/o Ministry of Labour.and Social Services,
       Private’ Bag 7707, Causeway, within 30days from the date of                    General Notice 400 of 1980,            |      .
       publication of this notice.                  :             “a       _             ;
                                 -                                         B. CLEARY,    INDUSTRIAL     CONCILIATION ACT [CHAPTER 267] .
      9-5-80.                                       '. " “Tmdustrial Registrar. |
                                                                                                        Application. for Variation of Scope of Registration of a
                                                                                                                -            ‘Trade Union
       In “pee of the Railways Undertaking—
         by the addition:of the interests ofeniployees employed as— : ir I,terms
                                                                            BRIAN CLEARY,Industrial Registrar, hereby give notice,’ -
                                                                                 of subsection (3) of section 42 of e Industrial --
            diesel servicemen. and learners;                      .                           Conciliation Act [Chapter 267], that’ I have received’ an
         in the area of the Railways Undertaking.                                                application for variation of the scope of registraticn:of the
                                                                                                                  o.    .         ;         77 /       é        .           .            :
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