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6 June 1980

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1980-06-06 number 51

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                                                                              (Publishedby Authority UNITED! Nations
                                                                                                                         HA ae                                   _s
                                                                                                                                “ES og                                —
             Vol. LVI, No. 51                                                            6th JUNE, 1980                               i                       | Price 25¢
                                                                                                                              Cibpany z          =
                                =                  .                .            4                                          LUNE
         " General Notice 473 of 1980.                                                                   notice that he has consented to the cancellation of that portion
                          ROADS ACT[CHAPTER 263]                                                         of General Plan EG377 consisting of Stand 57, Chatsworth
                      - Application for Closure of Portions of Roads:                                                             :                  -     C.C.WORRAEL,
                           Banket-Trelawney Rural Council Area                                           6-6-80, -               4                         Surveyor-General,
          __ITis hereby notified, in terms of section7 of the Roads Act                                  General Notice 475 of 1980.         :
         - [Chapter 263], that application ‘has been made for the portions                                         ‘LAND SURVEY ACT [CHAPTER 147}
           of the roads described hereunder, declared district roads by
           Rhodesia Notice 634. of 1972, and shown on plan 918, held in:Decision on Application for the Cancellation of Portion of
          theoffice of the Secretary for Roads and Road Traffic, Posts  General Plan BEG6 of Stands 2659. to 2799 and 2921 to 2976,
         and Télecommunications, to be closed upon the completion of |, Gwelo Township, of Gwelo Township Lands, Gwelo District
          the new Darwendale Road.
                      _ Descriptions of portions of roads to be closed
                                                                                                    _      FURTHER.to the application notice of which was published
                                                                                                        in the Gazette of the 15th February, 1980, the Minister of
          Reference:                    Lous           .                    ek                          Lands, Resettlement and Rural Development hereby, in terms
    i       7/64; Portion of Darwendale Road.                                                           of subsection (3) ‘of section 44 of the Land Survey Act [Chapter
                                                                   147], gives. notice that he has consented to the cancellation of
          : Commencing        m    mo             oe       c    |. that portion of General Plan BEG6 consisting of the portion of
            '. On the Remainder of Railway Strip through Downend the general plan defined as‘follows:
                   Reserve, at its junction with road 7/80.                   =.     |                      Starting at. B15; thence on a direction of 170° 40°40”
                                                                                                          for a distance of 45,12 metres to an unnamed point; thence
            Passing through                   ,                 :                :          oo            ‘on 4 direction of 162° 43’ 30” for a distance of 40,41 metres _
                   The Remainder of Railway Strip through Downend |. ‘to .an unnamed point, on the outside figure boundary
               ‘Reserve and Railway Strip of Darwendalé.                                      sf.         OS9-OS8; thence along that boundary on a direction of
                                                                                                          252° 43°30” for a distance of 83,15 metres to an unnamed
            Terminating             —          ,                                                          point; thence direct to B14; thence direct tothe starting-point.
             On Railway Sttip. of Darwendale, approximately ‘300
               metres beyond the junction withroad 7/70.-                                                                          ss                 C. Cc, WORRALL,
                                                                                                        6-6-80,                oo:                     Surveyor-General,
                                                                                                        General Notice 476 of 1980.
    a 7/80: Portion of Oldlands Road.
                                                                                                               DEEDS REGISTERIES ACT [CHAPTER 139] |
        _ ,. Commencing .                       we

           » OnDarwendale Station Reserve Part A of New Burnside,                                           Notification of Cancellation of Deed of Grant 12936:
                                                                                                               Stand 465, Selukwe Township, Selukwe District
             : at its junction with road 7/64. a
        ’ - Passing through                                                                               NOTICE is hereby given that the Minister of Local Govern- .
              DaiwendaleStation Reserve Part A” of"New Butnside,                                        ment and Housing intends’ to direct the Registrar of Deeds, at
                                                                           Bulawayo, to cancel. Deed.of Grant 12936, im terms of sub-
             .Road Servitude    No. 1 over Darweéndale Kop, the
              Remiainder of New Burnside and Greenside Ranch.              oan (1) of section 18 of the Deeds Registries Act [Chapter
           fTerminating ~ :                                 oo               ‘Fhe. property concerned is Stand. 465, Selukwe Township,
              On Greenside Ranch, at ‘its junction with the proposed . Situate‘in the district of Selukwe. ~
             ‘Tealigned portion of road 7/80 on to the new: Darwendale    ' Any person objecting. torthe proposed ‘cancellation is heteby |
             soad,                                                   :    required to lodge his objection in writing, giving his nameand
           Any. person wishing to obiect to the closure of such. portions address and the grounds ,of objection, with the Minister of
         of roads must do so in writing to the Minister of Roads and: Local Government and Housing, Private Bag 7706, Causeway,
         Road Traffic, Posts and. Telecommunications, P.O. Box 8109,                                on or before the 11th July, 1980.
         Causeway, on or before the 7th July, 1980.                                                                              4                       E. J. M. ZVOBGO,
                                                                                                    6-6-80,              Minister ‘of Local Government and Housing. -
                                        i        &                          P, MAINWARING,
*       6-6-80,
                                            Secretary for Roads and Road Traffic,
                                                  Pests and Telecommunicaticns.
                                                                                                 ' General Notice 477 of 1980.
                                                                                                          IRON AND STEEL, INDUSTRY ACT [CHAPTER 287]
         General Notice 474 of 1980.                                    |                               Appointment of Member: The Zimbabwean Iron and Steel
          oO           ' LAND SURVEY ACT [CHAPTER 147]                                                                           Commission :                               La.
        Decision on Application for the Cancellation of Portion of                                       IT is hereby notified that the Minister.of Commerce and
        GeneralPlan EG377 of Stands 14 to 27, 29 to 36.and 38 to 60,                             Industry. has, in terms of subsection (1) of section 4 of the
               .       Chatsworth Township, Chilimanzi District                           a      Iron and Steel“Industry Act [Chapter 287], chosen Mr. J. H. E.
                                                                                                 Peacock, Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Mines and Energy
        '. FURTHERtothe application notice of which was published                                Resources, to be a member of the Zimbabwean Iron and Steel
        in’ General Notice35 of 1980, the ‘Minister of Lands, Resettle-                          Commission, in place of Mr. A. P. Vincent,’ .                        L
        ment and Rural Development hereby, in terms of subsection (3)                                                ‘            "                         J. EH. BAKER,
        of section 44 ‘of the Land Survey Act {Chapter 147], gives .                             6-6-80.                       Secretary for Commerce and Industry.

                            *                              i.
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