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27 June 1980

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1980-06-27 number 57

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(eh)                                                                                                                          .         >

                                                                                                                  UNITED NATIONS

                  “        a             oe                    Publishedby Aushoripy.

        Vol. LVI, No. 57°                                        “ith JULY, 1980                                                            Price 25c

     General Notice 599 of1980.                                               é

                           ">.                   RESERVE BANK OF ZIMBABWE ACT [CHAPTER 173]
                                          Statement of Assets and Lidbilities of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. .

-       IN terms ofse
                    section 20 of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Act [Chapter 173], a statement of the assets and liabilities of the Reserve
     Bank of Zimbabwe as at the 27th June, 1980, is published in the Schedule.                                  .                          .

                                                                                                                                   D. W. YOUNG,
     11~7-80,                                                                                          a      |            Secretary to the Treasury.

      a                                                                  SCHEDULE
                                  STATEMENT OF ASSETS ‘AND LIABILITIES AS AT THE 2717H JUNE, 1980.

                                   Liabilities             a             i                                        Assets
a            oe                             co                  $        |                                                                        $
     Capital yo.                                              2.000 000 |         Gold and foreign’assets              woe                    197 327,132
     General Reserve"Fund .                                 * 6000000             Loans and advances.         ww       wei ee                  60 377 201
     Currency in circulation .                 .            150 295 917 |         Internal investments—                   :                    79 992 833
     Deposits dnd other liabilities to the
                                        ie pub :            196 771 686 ©              Government|                        28 171 028
     Other liabilities .                           lee      101 785557                Other         .                      51 821 805

                             *                                                    “Other assets.                                              119 155994

                                                         "$456 853 160                                                                       $456 853 160

    ‘General Notice 600 of 1980.                                                                   :        SCHEDULE
               LAND SURVEY ACT [CHAPTER 147)                                                            Area of cemetery
                               —H                                               An area of Jand, 6155 square metresin extent, as depicted
     Decision on ‘Application for the Cancellation of Portion of              by the area shaded red onplan XA/80/6A and known as Lot
    General Plan DG1382 of Stands 757 to 924, Biuft Hill                      2 of (Arcturus A
           Township 16, of Lot 8A, Blut Hill, SalisburyDistrict                 The said plan may be inspeated free of charge at the office
                                                                              of the Minister of Local Gaqvernment and Housing, Earl Grey
                                                                              Building, Salisbury, and at the office of the Arcturus Rural
       FURTHER to the application {notice of which was published              Council, Arcturus.’
    _in the Gazette on the 22nd February, 1980, the Minister af
  Lands, Resettlement and Rural Development hereby, in terms                 > General Notice 602.‘Of 1980.
* of subsection (3) of section 44 of the Land Survey Act
     [Chapter 147], gives notice that he has consented to the                         CUSTOMS AND EXCISE ACT {CHAPT.ER H7]
- cancellation of that portion of General Plan DG1382 "Sonsistine '                                         1,

    of Stands 895 to 905 and oll,sto 924, Bluff Hill Township                          Customs Tarif Application: Chokes and Ballasts
    16 of Lot 8A, Bluff Hill.    :
                                            CC, WORRALL,                       AN application bas.been received by the Ministry of Com-
    11-7-80.                               _ Surveyor-General.               merce and Indtstry for the amendment of the Customs Tariff,-
    General Notice 601 of 1980.                                              to the extent stated hereunder.
            ,  CEMETERIES ACT [CHAPTER 32]                                     At present, the wording of 119 (1) (g) is—
                                                                                          Item                                                        Duty
           Establishment of Canétery: Arcturus Rural Council                 “119. (1) Machinery,     apparatus, appliances,                      -      .
                                                                                          implements and materials used in
                                                                                          connexion therewith, for thegenera-
      TT is hereby notified that the Arcturus ‘Rural Council has,                         tion, storage, transmission or de
    in terms of section 32 of the Cemeteries Act [Chapter 32],                            tribution of, and lighting by,
    and with the consent ‘of the Minister of Local Government                             or electric power, and mac! ney
    and Housing, established a cemetery at Arcturus, the limits                           for the conversion or transformation
    of which ‘cemetery are described in the Schedule.                                     of electric power, nee, but not
                                                         EJ. ZVOBGO,                    ~ including lamps, lampware and
” 11-7-80,                 Minister of Local Government and ‘Housing.                     electric lamp bulbs elsewhere pro~
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