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15 August 1980

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1980-08-15 number 64

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                                                                                                        {UNITED WATIONS
                                                                                                               SEP S 1980

                                                                        Published by Aushority.
                      ~.                                 i

        Vol. LVI, No. 64 -                                                    15th AUGUST, 1980                                                                     Price 25c

       GeneralNotice 721of 1980.                         P
                                                     _ RESERVEBANK OF ZIMBABWE ACT [CHAPTER 173}

                                                    Statement of Assets and Liabilities of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe _

       "IN terms of section 20 of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Act [Chapter 173], a4statementofthe                                         assets andliabilities of the Reserve
       Bank of Zimbabwe asat the ist August, 1980, is published in the Schedule.
                                                                                                                                                   .       ‘     D. W. YOUNG,
       15-8-80,                re                                                                                                                      Secretary to. the Treasury.

                                      .                                 —              > SCHEDULE
                      “        _—s        STATEMENT OF ASSETS AND LIABILITIES AS AT THE Isr AUGUST, 1980
                           Sf                 Liabilities                      5                                                           Assets                                  ;        a

       Capital . 7. ee ee ee                                                  2000000                  Gold and foreign assets            6.                               207 261 901
                                                .         6 000 000                                    Loans and advances —     Loe                                          54 011 201
       General Reserve Fund .                                                                                                                                                63 473 645
       Currency in circulation. © -. . . ss, . *. 160474434                                            Internal investments—  =
                                                        184.249 688                                     '   Government stock. . .                         25 685 334
       Deposits and otherliabilities to the publid . ..                                                                                                   37 788 311
       Other liabilities. 6 6 6. ee ee 73 509 057                                                         ‘Other           soe

                                 .                                                 |                   Other assets... 1 ee                                                 101 486 432

                                                                          $426 233 179                                                                                     $426 233 179

        General Notice 722 of 1980.                                                              by 2.45.p.m. on the closing-date, “and the confirmation tender posted not
                                                                                                 later, than, the closing-time and date. The telegraphic address is “Fenders, |
                                     ELECTORAL ACT,i979                                             isbury”*.                              «      :        .
                                                                                                 Note.—Tenders which are not. received by 2.45 p.m. on the closing-date
                                                                                                       Whether by hand, by post or by telegraph; will be treated es late
                 Blection of Indirectly Elected White Roll Senator                       .             tenders.                             :                            .
                                                                                                       If a deposit is required for tender documents, it will be refunded on —
                                                                                                 receipt Of a bone fide tender or if the tender documents wre returned
         ‘FT is hereby notified, in terms of subsection (8) of section 46                        complete and unmarked before the closing-date. -      t
                                                                                                   For supply contracts, the country of manufacture must be stated. When:
        of the Electoral Act, 1979, that Terence Michael Oatt was                                tenders are compared, a degree of preference is deducted from prices
        declared to have been duly elected as an indirectly elected                                  tendered for goods manufactured in this country.           .      /               .
        White Roll Senator, with effect from the Sth August, 1980.                                 No tender can be withdrawa or amended during x period of 30 days
                                                         M. A. VAN RYNEVELD,|                    (or any other period specified in tender documents) from the stated
                                                                                                                                     ‘                              .
        15-8-80..                                                Secretary to Parliament.        closing-date.
                                                                                                       The Government does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender,
                                                                                                     and reserves the right to select any tender in whole ofin’ part. _
                                            .                                                          Tenders which are properly addressed to the Government Tender Board
        General Notice 723 of 1980.
                                                                                                 in sealed envelopes with the advertised tender number znd description.
                    GOVERNMENT TENDER BOARD                                                      endorsed on the outside are not openeduntil 2.45 p.m. on the closing-date. -
                                                                                                 _     Members of the public may attend the opening .of tenders on Second
                                                                                                     Floor,   Regal1 Star House,      Gordon Avenue, Salisbury,            m 2.45 p.m.
                                          Tenders Invited                                            onwards on the date specified.            .        .                      :
                                                                              :                                     .                                    _-D. L J. LINDSAY-WHITE,
          ALL tenders must be submitted to the Secretary,/ Government Tender |                                                                                        .   Secretary,
        Board, P.O. Box 8075,                                .                               {       P.O. Box 8075,     Causeway.                         Government Tender. Board,
          Tenders must in no~sircumstances be submitted to departments.
          Tenders must be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on
                                                                      the outside                    Tender                   .      Ss
       with the advertised tender number and the description, and must be posted                      No.                              .
        in time to be sorted into Post Office Box 8075, Causeway, or delivered by                    5545. Supply and delivery of new mobile crane with capacity
        hand to the Secretary, Government Tender Board, Second Floor, Regal Stare
        House, Gordon Avenue, Salisbury, before 2.45 p.m. on the closing-dat                                  of 25000 kilograms and road-speed capability of 70
        advertised.        A                    .                   :     .                                   kilometres per hour. Documents from Central Provision
          Offers submitted by telegraph, stating clearly therein the same of the                              Office, Army Headquarters, Private Bag 7720, Causeway.
        tenderer, the service and     , amount, must be dispatched in time for
        delivery by the Post Office to the Secretary, Government. Tender Board,
                                                                                                              Closing-date, 11-9-80.                        re
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