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5 September 1980

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1980-09-05 number 67

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                                                                                                        UNITED NATIONS.
                                                                                                          SE? 18 1930
                                                                                                                LIBRARY.                 CO


              ee                 :        CO                  | Published by Authority. os                  ;         .

         ‘Vol. LVIH, No. 67.                                    5th SEPTEMBER,1980                                                             Price 25c

_ General Notice 788 of 1980. .       |                                                        chief planningofficers;
    INDUSTRIAL CONCILIATION ACT [CHAPTER 267]                                                  chief signal engineers;       .
                                                                                               chief systems analysts;
    Application | for Variation of Scope of Registration of a                                  chief traffic managers;
                                       Trade Union                                       +     computer officers;
                                                                                               computer services managers;
         I, KENNETH ROBINS, Deputy Industrial. Registrar, hereby                               district civil engineers;
    give notice, in terms of subsection (3) of section 42 of the                               electrical engineers;
* Industrial Conciliation Act [Chapter 267], that I have received                              estatesofficers;
  an application for variation of the scope of registration of the                             fire-protective officers;
  Railway Officers and Senior Staff Association, to the extent                                 hygiene officers;         .
    set out in the Schedule,                                                                   mechanical engineers;
       Any registered trade union having objection to such variation                           ‘pension fund managers;
    of registration is ‘hereby invited to lodge such objection, in                             pension officers;
    writing, with me,.c/o Ministry of Labour and Social Services,                              permanent way engineers;
                                                                                               personnel managers;
    Private Bag 7707, Causeway; within 30 days from the date of
    publication of this notice,                                                                personnel officers;
                                                             . K, ROBINS,                      planningassistants;               .
_ 53-9280.                                     _ Deputy Industrial Registrar.                ’ planning officers;                    :
                                                                                               progress and planning engineers;
                                        SCHEDULE                                             _ project engineers;
- In respect of the Railways Undertaking—                                                      quantity surveyors;
                                                                                               railwayliaison officers;
    by—                                                                                        railway representatives;
             {a) the deletion of the interests as presently recorded |in                     _ Tenewals engineers;
                 the certificate of registration; and                                          road services managers;
             (b) the substitution of the interests of employees employed                       safety assistants;
             BS                                     .                                          safety officers;
                                                                                             _ secretarial officers;
                     administrative officers;                                                 "security officers; -
                     architects;                                                               senior accountants;
                     architectural officers;                                                   Seniorassistant architects;
                                                                                               senior audit officers;

                     area personnel officers;
                     area security officers;                                                   senior complements and organization assessors;
                     area traffic managefs;                                                    senior engineering assistants;
                                                                                              senior estates assistants;
                 - assistantchief accountants;
                   assistant chief civil -engii eers;                                         senior Jand surveyors;
                                                                                              senior mechanical engineers;
                   assistant chief electrical ngineers;
                  - assistant chief mechanical engineers;                                     senior personnel officers;
                    assistant chief planningofficers;                                         senior planning officers;
     .               assistant chief signal engineers;
                                                                                              senior programmers;
4        /           assistant civil engineers;                                              ,senior safety assistants,
                     assistant civil officers;                                                senior work-study officers;
                                                                                              signal engineers;
                     assistant complements and organization assessment |                      supplies managers;
                          officers;  :
                     assistant computer officers;
                     assistant electrical engineers; .                                        track-material-officers;
                                                                                              traffic managers;
                     assistant electrical officers;
                     assistant industrial chemists;
                                                                                             ' traffic officers;
                     assistant land surveyors;                                                traffic. superintendents;
                 _ assistant mechanical engineers;                                            traineejuniorofficers;
                  : assistant mechanical officers;
                                                                                              works engineers;                             &

                                                                                           work-study officers; ;
     7              assistant personnel managers;

                    assistant planning officers;                                  in the area of the Undertaking of the National Railways of
                    assistant signal engineers;                                   Zimbabwe.         .
                     assistant signal officers; -
                     assistant structural officers:                             General Notice 789 of 1580.
                     assistant supplies officers;
                 _ assistant work-study officers;                                                 LIQUOR ACT [CHAPTER 289)
                     audit officers;
                     bridge and structural engineers;                           Liquor Licensing Board: Interim Meeting: Salisbury District
                     buyers;                             .
                   chief-accounfants;:                                           PURSUANTto the provisions of subsection (1) of section 47
                  chief commercial managers; |                                  of the Liquor Act [Chapter 289], notice is hereby given that
                  chief draughtsmen; .                                          an interim meeting                                   ensing Board for the
                  chief electrical engineers;                                   district of S           Ty will be held at the                 ates’ Courts,
               -_ ‘chief internal auditors;                                                       alisbury, commencing at 8.30 a.m. on
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