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20 March 1981

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1981-03-20 number 30

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                                                                                                                                                    UNITED NATIONS.
Fy                                                                                                                                                         MAY 4.9 1981.

                                              “               _:                        Publeed d by Ausboriy

         Vol. LIX; No. 30                                                                  Ist MAY, 1981                                                                   Price 25c

      General Notice 395 of 1981.                                                                             Ya) in terms of subsection : 1) of section ‘13 of the Act,
- CENSORSHIP AND ENTERTAINMENTS CONTROL ACT.                                                                         declared all editions of the publication specified in the
                 _(CHAPTER 78}                                                                                       Schedule subsequent to the 20th March, 1981, being
                                                                                                                   . the’ date of the -board’s declaration, to be: undesirable;
      Declaration of Publications as Undesirable and Prohibited                                                      and
                                                                                                             - (b) in terms of subsection (2) of section 12 of the Act, also
        ITis ‘hereby ndtified, in terms of subsection (3) of section                                               declared those editions of that publication to be
      12 of the Censorship and Entertainments Control Act (Chapter                                                    prohibited,
      78], that the Board of Censors has-—                                                                               ,                                         P.D. 'W. R.SHERREN,
        (a) .in terms of subsection (1) of: that section, declared that                                                                                                        ‘Chairman,
             the publications specified in the Schedule are, in the                                         {-5-81,                                                   - Board of Censors,
         -    ‘opinion of the board, undesirable within the meaning of
          * subsection(2) of section ‘11 of the Act; and
                                                                          Name of publication                                                                                 Publisher
      ’(b) in terms of subsection (2) of that section, declared those
            Publications to be prohibited.                            _H & E International Monthly -                                                                       Peenhill, Ltd.,
                                                                                    a                                                                                      London
                                                                   BLD. W.R. SHERREN,
                                                                              Chairman,                     General Notice 398 of 1981.
      1-5-81. ;                                                                Board of Censors.                           TAND SURVEY ACT [CHAPTER 147]
      8                                           " ScHEDULE
                                                                                                        "Application for Cancel]lation of Portion of General Plan
                                                  ' Publications                                         ‘CG1892 of Stands 14650 to 14675, Salisbury Township, of
                                                                                                                      Stand 4334, Salisbury Township, Salisbury District
 ‘Hall, Unity.             00.            4.)      (Secrets.           ee                  . (1981)
 HHarbinson, W. A... «               +»       =». Deadiines.       6   6   4       cw      «   (1981)
                                                                                                              NOTICE is ‘hereby |given, in terms of section 44 of the
  Kastle, Herbert.                                 Dirty Movies. .         6 .             +   (1979)
                                                                                                         Larid Survey Act [Chapter 147],. that’ the undersigned intends’
 Periodicals (magazines)         ~                  .                                                    to apply to the Surveyor-General:‘for the cancellation of that
  .      Exotique, Vol. 1, No. 1; Winter, 1979-80 (U.S.A.)                                              “portion of General Plan CG1892 comprising Stands 14664 to
_ |      Bxotique, Vol. 10, No. 3; Spring, 1979 (U.S.A.) ©
                                                                                                            14675 and intervening roads, as defined by the figure P11,
         High Heels, Vol. 9, No. 1; Winter, 1977-78 (U.S.AL)                                                426d, 425c, P2, 4252, P24, Pil, if the district of Salisbury.
         Lesgirls; Vol. 2, No. 1, 1980 (U .K.)                                                                The . general plan -is filed at the office of the Stirveyor-
         Whitehouse AJI Colour Digest’Issue Two (Louise London)                                             General, Electra House, 49, Samora Machel Avenue Central,
                                                                                                            Salisbury, where it may be inspected:
 General Notice 396 of 1981.                                                                            '     Any person objecting to the proposed<cancellation is hereby
 CENSORSHIP -AND ENTERTAINMENTS CONTROL ACT                                                                 required to lodge this objection, ti writing, giving his name
                 » [CHAPTER 78]                                                                             and address and the grounds of his objection, with the
                                                                                                            Surveyor-General, at the above dddress, or P.O. Box 8099,
                      Declaration of Undesirable Publication                                                Causeway, on or before the 29th May, 1981,

       Ur is hereby notified, in terms of subsection (3) of section 12°}                                                                                 2. @BARLOW,
                                                                                                            1-5-81.                      |

  of: the Censorship and Entertainments Control Act [Chapter                                                                                  -  Town                             Clerk,
- 78), that the Board of Censorshas, in terms of subsection (1)
                                                                                                            General Notice 399 of 1981. |

  of’ that section, declared that the publitation specified in the
  schedule is, in the opinion-of the board,: undesirable within                                                       RURAL LAND ACT [CHAPTER 155]
 the meaning of subsection (2) of section ii of the Act..
                                                                                                                   ‘Notice of Intention to Cancel ‘Deed of Grant and
                                                                   P. D. W. R. SHERREN,                                                 Deed of -Transfer
 1-5-81,                                      SO                               Board of Censors.             wbrtce is
                                                                                                                    3 hereby given that the Minister of Lands, Re-
                                                                                                        settlement and Rural Development propeses to direct the
                                                . SCHEDULE                                              Registrar of Deeds to cancel the Deed of Grant and Deed of
  °         °       Undesirable publication                                                             Transfer described in the Schedule, in terms of section 5 of
                                                                                                        the Rural Land Act [Chapter 155].
 Césmopolitan, January, 1980 .K)         a
                                                                                                          All persons having any objections to such cancellations are -
                                                                                                        required to lodge the same, in writing, with the Minister of
 General Notice 397 of 1981.                                                                            Lands, Resettlement and Rural Development, Private Bag 7726,
 CENSORSHIP AND ENTERTAINMENTS|CONTROL ACT                                                              Causeway, on or before the 27th May, 1981.                                        :
                        [CHAPTER 78]                                                                                                       .                      R. MUPAWOSE,
                                                                                                                                                  Secretary for Lands, Resettlement
      ‘Declaration of Future Editions. of Periodical Publication as
                                                                                                         1-5al.                                           and Rural Development.
                       Undesirable and Prohibited
                                                                                                               :       .            :          SCHEDULE
  TT fis hereby notified; in terms of subsection (4) of section 13    Deed of Grant 13305 and Deed of Transfer 6653/69, in
and subsection (3) of section 12 of the Censorship and Enter-      respect, of certain piece of land, situate in the district of
tainments Control Act [Chapter 78], that the ‘Board of Censors — Bartley, called Barryland, in extent two hundred and one
                                                                                                        comma nought seven nought one (201,070 1) acres.
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