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16 October 1981

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1981-10-16 number 66

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       EXTRAORDINARY =~   |
                                                                                Published by Authority

      Vol. LIX; No. 66                                                           16th OCTOBER, 1981                                       '                          Price 30¢

  General Notice 979 of 1981. ” |    .                                                            General Notice 981 of 1981.
              ‘CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE                                                                           LAW AND ORDER (MAINTENANCE) ACT
                                                                                                                            {CHAPTER 65]
            _ Appointment of a Memberof the Cabinet _                                                  . Publication of Order in Terms of Section 12 of the Act
    IT is herebynotified that, with effect from the 13th October, IT is hereby notified, in terms of subsection (6): of section 12
 1981, His Excellency . the President has, in terms of of the Law and Order (Maintenance) Act [Chapter 65], that
  subsection (1) of section 72-of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the Minister of Home Affairs has made the following order:
  appointed the Honourable Simon Charles Mazorodze as a |
- member of the Cabinet. _          .                               “ORDER IN TERMSOF SECTION12 OF THE LAW
                                                                                                              :        AND ORDER (MAINTENANCE) ACT
                                                                            L. G. SMITH,                               eo                      [CHAPTER.65]
  16-10-81.                                              Secretary to the Cabinet.                          I, Richard Chemist Hove, Minister of Home Affairs, in
                                                                                                     terms of section 12 of the Law and Order (Maintenance) Act
                                                                                                     [Chapter 65], hereby prohibit—
                                                                                                       _(a) the hiring of vehicles’ by any organization or person
  General Notice 980 of 1981: >                                                                             for the purpose of carrying persons to any public
                CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE                                                                            gathering, as defined in section 12 of the Act, of a
                                                                                                                    political nature, or. at which the discussions and
                                                                                                                  ‘ matters dealt with are of a political nature, except by
       Appointmentof Minister, and Assignment of Function,                                                      the authority of the Minister;                  :
                                                                                                            (b) the admission to such public gathering of persons
    IT is hereby notified that, with effect from the 13th October,                                                  who have hired or assisted in the hiring of vehicles;
  1981, His Excellency the “President .has, in: terms of                                                            or have been carried to such public gatherings in
 paragraph ‘(b). of subsection’ (1) of section 69 of the Con-                                                       breach of clause (a) hereof.
  stitution’   of Zimbabwe,            appointed             Dr.         Simon        Charles
. “Mazorodze, M.P., as a Minister, and has ‘assigned to him the                                                                                           .      ~   R. cx. HOVE,

_ administration of the Ministry ofHealth.                                                                                                              Minister of Home Affairs.
                                                                                                     14th October, 1981.”,                                 -
                                                              _    L.G. SMITH,                                                                                   P, CLAYPOLE,
16-10-81.                                             - Secretary to the- Cabinet.                16-10-81.                                            Secretary of Home Affairs,

                                                                                CONTENTS                                                          2

                               :               .    No. ae                              General Notices -                                      Page
                                                    979, Constitution of Zimbabwe: Appointment of a Member of the
                                                           aodine        pore   woo    —     ee     ores,     one      ovens   + ensues   w~    L075
                   4   ,                        980. Constitution of Zimbabwe: Appointment of Minister, and
                   .               ‘              - Assignment of Function     —                 ~—           ~~                                1075
                                           °.. 981, Law and Order (Maintenance) Act [Chapter 65]: Publication of
                                                         Order in Terms of Section 12 of the Act —                     ~~        wwe      — 1075
                                       :   ;       ‘Statutory Instrument Tssued as a Supplement to this Gazette Extraordinary |
                                           ' - 927..Law and Order (Maintenance) (Holding of Public Processions and .
                                                         Public Gatherings) Directions, 198l.

                           ‘           Oe                            .                     / f

                                                            Printed by the Government Printer, Salisbury,                                                                '   1075
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