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8 April 1982

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1982-04-08 number 30

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        GOVERNM ENT                                                                               GAZETTE
                                                               Published by Authority

           V ol. LX, No. 30                                       30f|i APRIL, 1982                                                        Pricc-30c

       General Notice 393 of 1982.
                                                  RESERVE BANK OF ZIMBABWE ACT [CHAPTER 173]

â– ay.                                       Statement of Assets and Liabilities of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
â– aP
           IN terms of section 20 of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Act [Chapter 173], a statement of the assets and liabilities of the Reserve
       Bank of Zimbabwe as at the 8th April, 1982, is published in the Schedule.
                                          . . .                                  .                                           B. WALTERS,
       30-4-82.                                                          .                   •                   Secretary to the Treasury.
                                                                     .    Scm D ui.E
                               â–  STATEMENT OF ASSETS AND LIAirLITIES AS AT THE 8 ra APRIL, 1982
                                    Liabilities                                                                     Assets
       Capital . . . .                                        2 000 000            Gold and foreign assets                                   166 533 993
       General Reserve Fund ,                                 5 000 000            Loans and advances                                         39 460 000
       Currency in circulation. . . .         . .           225 887 132            Internal investments—                                     277 566 698
       Deposits and other liabilities to the public         305 264261                  Government stock .                    99 611389
       Other’liabilities   . . . . . . .                    IIS'866 778                 Other . . . .                        177 955 309
                                                                                   Other assets                                              169 457 480

                                                           S653 018 171                                                                     $653 018 171

       General Notice 39^ of 1982.                                              General Notice 396 of 1982.
                           WATER ACT, 1976                                                 QUANTITY SURVEYORS ACT, 1981

                   Declaration of Approved Civil Engineer                       Election of Members of Quantity Surveyors Council of
         THE Secretary for Water Resources and Development hereby,
       in terms of subsecticm (4)'o f section 118 of the Water Act,       r r is hereby notified that the persons listed in the Schedule
       1975, declares Jeremy Allan Gilbert-Green to .be an approved “are deemed to haye been elected to the Quantity 'Surveyors
       civil engineer for dams only.                                    Council of Zimbabwe in terms of the proviso to paragraph
                                                          D. S. DELL,, (b) of subsection (1) of section 4 of the Quantity Surveyors
                                  Acting Secretary for Water Resources- Act, 1981.
       30-4-82.                                      and Development.                                                     D. D. FOLEY,
                                                                        30-4-82.                      ... Registrar of Quantity Surveyors.
       General Notice 395 of 1982.                                                                           'ScaiEDIILE
                ESTATE AGENTS ACT [CHAPTER 220]                                           P. F. Harris          i    D. Nudds
                                                                                          P. Hoskdng                sW. -L. Pfuhl
         Notice of Election of Members of the Estate Agents Council                       D. R. Lawson               C. H. Swift
                                                                                          I. N. Leshnick             W. S. Whitwell
         IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 3 of the Estate
       Agents (Council Election) Regulations. 1970,. published in               General Notice 397 o f 1982.
       Rhodesia Government Notice 976 of 1970, that an election of                         QUANTITY SURVEYORS ACT, 1981
       one registered estate agent as a member of the Estate Agents
       Council to serve for the period untE the 31st March, 1983, is
       about to be held.                  '         '                                  Election of Chairman and Vjce-Chairrnan of Quantity
                                                                                                 Surveyors Council of Zimbabwe
         Nominations to fill the vacancy are invited.    â– 
         Every nomination-forra must reach the Registrar of Estate                IT is hereby notified that— ,
       Agents, P.O. Box 3854, Salisbu^, at or before 4 p.m, on
       Monday; the 24th May, 1982, which is, the date appointed for               (a) P. P. Harns-has been,elected as chairman; and
       the receipt of nomination-forms.                                           (b) W. D Pfuhl has been elected as â– vice-chairman;
         Nomination-forms may be obtained from the registrar.                   of the Quantity Surveyors Council of Zimbabwe.
                                                    .. H. P. G. MILLER,                                                          D. D. FOLEY,
       30-4-82.               ..’             Registrar of Estate Agents.       304-82.                         Registrar of Quantity Surveyors.
                                                                                                                             â– f                  i
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