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5 October 1982

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1982-10-05 number 72

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                                                               Published by Authority

           Vol. LX, No. 72                                     5th OCTOBER, 1982
                                                                                                                                                          Price 30c

     . General Notice 914 of 1982.                                                               t
                                               .                  ;                                                              SCHEDULE
                                              ON ACTI-HAPTER 262]                           .              4               MOTOR-OMNIBUSES
     " Public Holidays: Temporary Authorities fore
                                                   Operation of                           United Totiting Company Lid.
                            Motor-omnibuses                                                401752182. Permit: 18580. Motor-omni bus.‘Passenger-capacity:
 .       IT is hereby notified that temp                                                 Area: Throughout Zimbabwe.
     _ Christmas holidays may be appliedorary auofitieg for the
       from the 9th December, 1982, to thefor    to sér the period
                                              3rd Jaary, 1983, All
       applications should be in by ‘the 26th Noveber, 1982,
                                                                                            (a) for private hire or charter abd
                                                                                                                                    for advertised- or
         Temporary variations will be granted                                                   organized tours,; provided no stage-carriage service is
       exact route or routes of the permit       os to cover the                                operated on any              route;.
      changed on account of circumstances, being vied, or a route                          (b) all operations to commence withih a 40-ki
                                              tother with any                                                                            lometre radius
      conditions which may apply, and                                                           of the;post office, Masvingo.
                                      will authize the service
      on such routes on an “as and when requi                                            By: Increasein passenger-capacity to 18.)°
                                              re’ basis.
        Temporary permits will be granted.
      of roadworthy spare .motor-omnibusesonly f the operation                            goi753182. Permit:16658. Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capacity:
      R.M.T.27, held in                     as iown on form
                           this office, over routes aady served by
                                                                                         14!          .                              .
      the operator. im question, under the autho                                         Area: Throughout Zimbabwe.
      service permits, The route.or route        rity£' specific road
                                           s musbe specifically                          Condifion— |
      described, the permit numbers must be                                                (a) for private hire or charter ard for advertised or
                                             quoi and the fare-
      tables (in duplicate) must accompany the
                                               ajlication.                                      organized tours, provided no stage-carriage servic
        Applications must be addressed to the                                                   operated on any route;                              e is
      Motor Transportation, and either—       Coroller of Road
                                                           ;                               (b)- all operations ‘to commence wi
                                                                               :                                                      in a 160-kilometre
                                                                                                radius pf the postoffice, Victoria BaIIs,
       (a) posted to P.O. Box 8332, Causeway
                                             ; or                          .            By: Increase in passenger-capacity to 18.
        (®) delivered: to Ground Floor, Coghlan iilding, Fourth
            Street, Harare.                                                               O/754/82. Permit: 18495. Motor-omnibis. Passenger-capacity:
     15-10-82.                               G. AAONALDSON,                               °
                          Controller of Road M toTfanspor tation,                       Area: Throughout Zimbabwe.
     General Notice 915 of 1982,                                                          (a) for private hire or charter and for advert
                                                                                                                                           ised or
                                                                                              organized tours, provided no stage-carriage servic
     ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT ‘HAPTER262)                                                operated on any route;                             e is
                                                                                          (b) -all_ operations to commence within a 40-ki
          Applications in Connexion with Road Serce Permi                                      radius of the post office, Kariba.         lometre
                                                                      ts                By: Increase in; passenger-capacity to 18. ;
      IN terms of subsection (4) of section 7 of i¢Road. Motor                          Additionals                    .
    Transportation Act [Chapter 262], notic e is heby. given that Nyamutamba Transport (Pvt.) Ltd.
 . the applications detail     in the Schedule, £ :the issue or        0/392/81.
  ‘ amendment of road service permits, -have                                          tor-omnibus. Passenger-capacity: 76.
    consideration of the Controller          beene teive d forth e ' Route:  Harare!- Beatrice - Chivhu - Fort Victoria - Maring
                                 e of Road Motofransportation.         - Triangle - Chiredzi.                                    ire
     Any person wishing to object to any                                            Theservice to operate as follows—
.- lodge with the Controller of Road such plication nrust
                                        MotorTtansportation,                             (a) depart Harare Monday, Wednesday and Frida
 P.O. Box 8332, Causeway—                                                                                                              y 1.15
                                          .            i
                                                                                             p.m.,    arrive Chiredzi 10 p.m.;
      @); 2 notice, in writing,of his intention to bject, so as to                  .    (b) depart
                                                                                             dep Fo:Fort Victoria Saturd
          reach the Controller’s office not        late than the Sth
                                                                                                                         ay y
                                                                                                                         1.15 pp.m., arrive Chirerdzi
          November, 1982; and.                                                                P.0.;
                                                       ,                                 () depart Chiredzi Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 4
      (b) his objection and the grounds there                                               arrive Harare 12.45 p.m,;                           a.m,
                                              for, 1 form R.M.T.
          24, together with two copies thereof,
          Controller's office not Jater than thesosi  to reach the                       (d) depart Chiredzi Saturday 9 a.m., arrive Fort Victoria
                                                   ‘th November,                             12.45 Pp.p.m.                         so
                                                                                   - Note—This aplication; origin ally published in General
  ‘Any. person objecting to an application fc                                          Notice 823 of 1982,                 is republished here
 amendment of a road                          the issue or                                                                                 ec; with corrections,
                         service permit must conte his grounds
 of. objection to-niatters directly beari ng on thiconsiderations                  Tombs Motors (Pvt.) Ltd.                                                                    af
 referred to in paragraph (a), (b), {c), (d), (e) c(f)                                  O/466/82. Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capa city:
 8 of the said Act.                                    of section                                                                                   76,                       {]
                                                                                   Route: Harare'- Chegutu - Kadoma -     he Que -
"15-1082,                                     G. A. ONALDSON,                        Store - Kokwe District Commissioner - Charama Zhombe j/
                       Controller of Road Motor Tansportation.                       Sengwa Bridge.
                                                                                                                                   Cross - j
                                                                                                                                                                       Se 0



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