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29 March 1983

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1983-03-29 number 17

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                   *            EXTRAORDINARY
                                        Published by Authom y

Vol. LXI, No. 17                          29th MARCH, 1983                                   Price 30c

                   General Notice 267A of 1983.
                            URBAN COUNCItS ACT [CHAPTER 214]

                                  Suspension of the Mayor o f Gweru

                    • IN terms of subsection (3) of section 4 ' of the Urban
                   Councils Act [Chapter 214] (as modified by section 2 of the
                   Emergency Powers (Local Authorities) Regulations, 1983),
                   I hereby suspend Councillor Patrick Kombayi, the mayor of
                   Gweru, from exercising or performing all or any of the powere
                   or duties conferred or imposed on him in terms of the said
                   Act and any other law.
                                                                C. S. BANANA.
                   29-3-83f                                            President.

                   G ener^ Notice 267B of 1983.
                                  CONSTITUTION G F ZIMBABWE

                                           Publication of Law

                   - THE following law, which has been assented to by His
                   Excellency the President, is published in terms of subsection (S)
                   of section'51 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe:
                        Appropriation (Supplementary) (1982-83) Act, 1983 (No. 11
                            of 1983).
                                                                  , L .G . SMITH,
                   29-3-83.                               Secretary to the. Cabinet.

                                               Oemral Natlces
                   Number                                                            Page
                   267A. Urban Council! Act IChapler 2I4li Suspention o f       the
                         Mayor of Gweru _      _     __    _    _     _          _ 243a
                   267B. Constitution of Zimbabwe: Publication of la w _   _   . _    243a

                              Primed by the Government Primer, Harare.                              243a
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