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3 September 1983

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1983-09-03 number 49

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                                          ZIMBABWEAN '

                                              Published by Authority

     Vol. LXI, No. 49.                       3rd SEPTEMBER, 1983                                     Price 30c

                                            ^ CONTENTS
                         Statutory Imtrumaits Issued as Supplements to (Ms Gaiette Extraordinary
                         449B. Animal Health (Foot and Mouth) Order, 1983: Oarrection of Statutory
                               Instrument Number.
                         449C. Dairy Produce Marketing and Levy (Dairy Produce Priced
                                (Amendment Regulations, 1983 (No. 7).
                         449D. Control of Goods. (Bread Prices) (Amendment) Order, 1983 (No. 1).
                         449E. Control of (3ood8 (Maize-meal Prices) (No. 2) Order, 1983.
                         449P. Control of Goods (Vegetable Oils and Fats Prices) Order, 1983.
                         449G. Control of Goods (Retail Beef Prices) (Amendment) Order, 1983
                               (No. 2).

                                   Printed by the Gmernmeni Printer, Harare.                                     709
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