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20 April 1984

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1984-04-20 number 30

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                                                         Published by Authority

     V ol. L X n; No. 30                                    20th APRIL, 1984                                            P rice 30c

 General Notice 289 of lp84.-                                             (b) depart Bulawayo Friday 3.00 p.m., arrive Mutare
                                                                               3.30 a.m.;
 ROAD MOTOR.TRAl^SPORTATION ACT {CH A F E R 252]                          (c) depart Mutare Tuesday, and Thursday 8.00 am.,
                                                                               arrive Bulawayo 3.30 p.m.;
      Applications in Cotinexion with Road Service Pemaits                (d) depart Mutare Sunday 8.30 a.m.,, arrive Bulawayo
                                                                               4.30 p.m.                        â– !
     IN terms of subsection (4) of section 7 of the Road Motor          Amendments ,
  Transportation Act [CHfipter 262], notice is hereby given that        R. R. Collett and R. Brown, trading as Colbro Transport
  the applications detailed in the Schedule, for the issue or             G/171 and 172/84. Permit: 24191 and 24192. Two goods-
  amendment of road service permits, have been received for             vehicles. Load: 30 000 kilograms each.
. the consideration of; the Controller of Road Motor                    Route 1: Beitbridge - Harare - Nyamapanda.
  Transportation.           !                                           Route 2: Beitbridge - Harare - Chirundu.
     Any person wishing io object to any such application must          Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise of all kinds.
  lodge with the Controller of Road Motor Transportation, P.O.
  Box 8332, Causeway—^ j                                                Condition: For the carriage of goods emanating from Beit­
                                                                          bridge and destined for Nyamapanda or Chirundu only and-
     (a) a notice, in wiitihg, of his intention to object, so as to       vice versa.
          reach the Controller’s office hot later than the 4th May,
          1984; and         J                                           By: Deletion of the existing condition.
     (b) his objection and; the grounds therefor, oh form R.M.T.        Note.—This application, originally published in General
          24, together with! two copies thereof, so as to reach the       Notice 239 of 1984, is republished here with corrections.
          Controller’s office notlater than the 25thMay, 1984.
     Any person, objecting to an application for the issue or           Bindura Haulage (Pvt.) Ltd.
  amendment ofr a road service permit must confine his grounds             G/294/84. Permit: 18599. Goods-vehicle. Load: 7 300
  of objection to, matters:directre bearing on the considerations       kilograms.
  referred to in paragraph (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), or (f) of section   Area 1: Within, Chesa and Karuyana Purchase lands and
   8 of the said Act.        i                                             Kandeya Communal lands, with access to the Grain Market­
                                        e      R. N. TSOMONDO,             ing Board Depots at ’tafuma, Glendale and Bindura.
  20-4-84.              Controller of Road Motor Transportation.        Area 2: Within a 64-kilometre radius of the post office,
                           I   SCHEDUI.E
                                                                        Nature of carriage—                           .    '
                            MOTOR-OMNIBUSES                                (a) Area 1: agricultural produce and requirements;
 Amendments , '                |                                           (b) Area 2: products and requirements of the agricultural
 Tomlw Motors (Pvt.) Lid.                                                      and mining industries.
   0/553/82. Permit: 18150. Passenger-capacity: 76.                     Condition: Standard interlocking condition.
â– Route 1: Gweru - Mjvuma - Chivhu - Nharira Clinic -                    By: Increase in load to 28 000 kilograms.
   Buhera D.C. - Chipudhana School,
 Condition: O n; Mondays and Tuesdays the same passenger                Additionals
   shall not be both picked up and set down between Gweru               N and B Transport (Pvt.) Ltd.
   and Mvuma, both poipfS inclusive.                                     G/136/84. Goods-vehicle. Load: 7 000 kilogramh
 By—'                     '    I                                        Area: Shall be the same as in the road service permit, m
   (a) extension of route: Gweru to Chipudzana School, no                 respect of the vehicle towing the trailer.
        c h a n g e , '.then Gryeru to Bulawayo and Chipudzana          Nature of carriage: Shall be the same as in the Road Service
   -    School to Mutare;                                                 Permit, in respect of the vehicle towing the trailer.
   (b) alteration to times.                                             Note.—This application is made to reinstate permit 19588,
                                                                          which expired on the 30th September, 1983.
 The service operates as follows—
   (a) depart Gweru M[onday and Wednesday 8.30 a,m.,                    Container Handling Services (Pvt.) Ltd.
       arrive Chipudzana, Schpol 4.30 p.m.;                               G/137 to 140 and 147 and 148/84. Load: 16000 kilograms
   (b) depart Gweru Friday 5.30 p.m., arrive Chipudzana                 each.
       School 1.30 a.m.;'                        •                      Area: Throughout Zimbabwe.
   (c) depart Chipudzaria school Tuesday and Thursday                   Nature of carriage: Agricultural Produce and requirements.
       5.30 a.m., arrive Gjweru 1.30 p.m.;
   (d) depart Chipudzana School Sunday, 9.30 a.m., arrive               Note,—This applScation originally published in General
                                                                          Notice 174 of 1984, is republished here with Corrections.
       Gweru 5.30 p.m.
 The service to operate as follows—                                     Mushandirapamwe' (P'vt) Ltd.
   (a) depart Bulawayo Monday and Wednesday 06.00 auB.,                   G/248/84. Good^-vehicle. Load: 30 000 kilograms.
       arrive Mutare 2.45 p.m.;                                         Area: Mashonaland Bast
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