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18 January 1985

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1985-01-18 number 5

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                                                                          Wy Hh?
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                                                           ¢ ZIMBABWEAN

                                                               Published by Authority
                              2                                                                                                                     o-

               Vol. LXIIL, No. 5

                                                                   18th JANUARY,1985                                                           Price 30c
    _ GeneralNotice 29 of 1985.
                                                                                    General Notice 31 of 1985
                  . BADGES ACT [CHAPTER 2]
          Registration of the Name, Designation, Badges and Uniform                       a Applications in Connexion. with Road Service Permits -
                 ‘of the Municipal Security Unit (Municipal Police)
                                                                                      IN terms of subsection (4) of section 7 of the Road Motor
                                                                                    Transportation Act [Chapter 262], notice is hereby given that
    IT is hereby notified, in terms of paragraph (c) of section                     the applications detailed in the Schedule, for the issue or -
        17 of the Armorial Bearings, Names, Uniforms and Badges amendment
        Act. [Chapter 2], that the name, designation, badges and | considerationofofroad service permits, have been received for the
        uniform of the Municipal. Security Unit (Municipal Police),                   the Controller‘of Road Motor Transportation.
        have been registered under paragraph (a) of subsection (1) of   Any person wishing to object to’ any such application must
        section .14 of the said Act.                                  lodge with the. Controller of Road Motor Transportation,
                                                                                    P.O. Box 8332, Causeway—                              Loe
                                                             - .R. P. MOUL,              (a) a notice, in writing, of his intention to object, so as to
                                              ‘Registrar of Uniforms, Badges              _       yeach the Controller’s ‘office not later than the 15th
        18-1-85                                and Heraldic Representations.        _    February, 1985;.    |                        .
                                                                                    ‘(b) his objection and the grounds therefor, on form R.M.T.
                                                                                            24, together with two copies thereof, so as to reach the
        General Notice 30 of 1985.                 .                                        Controller’s office not. later than the 15th March, 1985,
                                                                                         Any person. objectiing to an application. for the issue or
                       RURAL LAND ACT [CHAPTER155]                                 amendment of a road service permit must confine his grounds
          Notice of Intention to Cancel Deeds of Transfer                          of objection to matters directly bearing on the considerations
                                                                              ;    referred to in paragraph (a), (0), (©), (d), (), or (f) of section
                                                                                   8 of the said Act. .
          NOTICE is hereby given that the Minister of Lands,                                                                                    :
  - Resettlement and Rural Development proposes to directthe                                                                      R. N. TSOMONDO,
                                                                                   13-1-85.            ...    Controller of Road Motor Transportation.
    Registrar of. Deeds to cancel the deeds of transfer described
    in the Schedule, in terms of section 5 of the, Rural: Land Act                   .             ,
   *[Chapter 155].                                                                                                          SCHEDULE, -                     .
         Any persons having any objections to such cancellations                    so                        MOTOR-OMNIBUSES              °
    are required to lodge the same, in writing, with the Minister                  Additions                    ;
‘ of Lands,. Resettlement and- Rural Development, Private Bag Nherera Ndeyani Co-operative Society.
   7726, Causeway, on or before the 4th March, 1985.
                                                                                         0/219/84, Motor-omnibus, Passengérsapacity: 76.
           |                                           Lt. CHITSIKE,               Route: “Harare - Pearson Farm -/Dandamera - Mvurwi -
                                                  Secretary for Lands, |                 Rumanje - Nyamanyoka - Nembire - Chakoma - Dotito -
    18-1-85.                      Resettlement and Rural Development.                    Mt. Darwin - Chividze - Mavuradona -, Dande Store -
                                                                                         Mukumbura,                 :
           .            .          ScHEDULE                               i | The service to operate as follows—
        1. Deed of Transfer 2896/67, registered in the name of Nicol                     (a) depart Harare Tuesday and Thursday 7.15 .a.m., arrive
           Valentine Faasen, in respect.of certain piece of land,                            Mukumbura 4.35 p.m.;
           situate in the district of Darwin, called Lot 1 of Tamandu,
           measuring nine hundred and forty-nine comma eight five
                                                                                     (6) depart Harare Friday 11.40 a.m, arrive Mukumbura |
                                                                                         9.40 p.m.
           five two (949,855 2) hectares. ~                                                                                                         .
                                                                                    ‘(c) depart Mt. Darwin Saturday 11 a.m., arrive Mukumbura
        2, Deed of Transfer 3401/55, registered in the name of Gert                           2.22 P.m.3.                      .
           Willem Johannes Bekker, in respect of certain piece of                                                                                               .
           land, situate in the district of Marandellas, called El Paso            ' (d) depart. Mukumbura Wednesday and Sunday 4 am.,
           of Eldorado, measuring eight hundred andfifty-two comma                      _ arrive Harare 12.34 p.m; |
           eight seven onefive (852,871 5) hectares.                 os              {e) depart Mukumbura Friday 2.30 a.m., arrive Harare
        3. Deed of. Transfer 504/51, registered in the name of Gert                           10.37 a.m.;               :
           Willem Johannes Bekker, in respect of certain piece of                    (f) depart Mukumbura Saturday6 a.m,, arrive Mt. Darwin
          ‘land, situate in the district of Marandellas, called Farm                          9.28 am,                             .                    ,
           6 of Holton Estate, measuring one thousand four hundred |              N. James.                         an
           and seventy-seven comma eight two nine one (1:477,829 1)                  O/397}84. Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capacity: 64,
    -      hectares,                      ‘                    ,
        4. Deed of ‘Transfer 1065/77,’ registered in the name of Route: Mutare - Wengesi Junction - Nyanyadzi Halt - New .
          ‘Adrienne Rosalie Gmuer, in respect of certain jece of | Year’s Gift - Mt. Selinda - Beacon Hill.
           land, situate in the district of Inyanga, called Subdivison — The service operates as follows—
           A of Ngajeazi, measuring eight hundred and seven comma          (a) depart Mutare Monday, Thursday and Saturday 8.30
           three four five nought(807,345 0) hectares.                         a.m., arrive Beacon Hill 2 p.m;
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