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24 May 1985

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1985-05-24 number 27

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 Vol. LXIII No. 27                            24th MAY, 1985                                        ’ Price 30c

                      General Notice 336 of 1985,
                                    INCOME TAX ACT [CHAPTER 181)

                             Exemption from Non-Resident’s Tax on Interest

                       THE Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Develop-
                     ment, in terms of subparagraph (iv) of paragraph (a) of the
                     definition of “interest” in subparagraph (1) of paragraph 1 of
                     the Sixteenth Schedule to the Income Tax Act [Chapter 181],
                     hereby specifies the Agricultural Marketing Authority in respect
                       of interest payable by the Authority on the loans provided for
                     - by the acceptancecredit facility to be entered into between the
                       Authority and Grindlay Brandts Limited on the 29th May,
                         The consequence of this specification is that the 1nterest
                      payable on the said loan is exempt from non-residents’ tax on
                                                                 -B. T. G. CHIDZERO,
                                                Minister ‘of Finance, Economic Planning
                      24-5-85.     ~ 7.                                          and Development.


                                      /           Generat Wide                          ;
                      Number                                                       Page
                       336. Income Tax Act [Chapter 180:Blemption from Non-Resident’s
                            Tax on interest ‘          a     :                        451



                                 - Printed. by the Government Printer, Harare.                                451
                                                                        : Lan,
                                     oe                                .
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