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28 June 1985

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1985-06-28 number 37

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 Oo oo                                               EXTRAORDINARY
                                                               Published by Authority
     Vol. LXIII, No. 37.                                 - 28th JUNE, 1985”                                              Price 30c

                                     General Notice 410A of 1985.                 +
                                        |                 ELECTORAL ACT, 1979
                                                Death of Candidate: Kariba Constituency:
                                                           Postponement of. Election                 —

                                “IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Justice, Legal and
                                 ‘Parliamentary Affairs has, in terms of section 56 of the
                                 Electoral Act, 1979, declared the proceedings in the election
                an               for the Kariba constituency to bevoid as a result of the death
                            “ of Mr. Robson Dayford Manyika, a duly nominated candidate
                                    for election for that constituency.
“y             .                *     - All proceedings relattng to the election in the Kariba
 :            m                     constituency -will be commenced afresh on dates to be
                                    announcedlater. It will not be necessary for persons ‘who were
                                    duly nominated as candidates for election for that constituency
                                    to complete fresh nomination papers, though they ‘will have *.
                                    to notify the electoral officer, in writing, if they wish to remain
                                    as candidates..             :
                                                           :                         _D. M. ZAMCHTYA,
                oo                               .                         Secretary for Justice, Lepal and
               A                    28-6-85,                                              - Parliamentary Affairs.

              eo                                 CONTENTS
                                                                    General Notice
                                    Number                                    o                oo            Page
                                    410A. Electoral Act, 1979: Death of Candidate: Kariba Constituency:
                - ee   :                  Postponement of Election        Lk       .    soe                    587
                           ¢.                                                                     .
                           <        ° Satutory Instrument Issued as a Stipplementto this Gazette Extraordinary
                                    Number                                                 ;
               no                   189, Electoral Act (Modification) (No. 7) Notice, 1985.

                                             Printed by the Government Printer, Harare.                              |          587

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