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19 August 1985

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1985-08-19 number 51

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Vol. LXII, No. 51                                             19th AUGUST, 1985 -                                            Price 30c

           .                         General Notice 504A of 1985. —                  :
                                                      COMMUNAL LAND ACT,1982
                                     Notice of Intention to Set Aside Land for the Construction
                                                   of a Secondary School: Mutare District

                                       IT is hereby notified; in terms cf section 10 of the
                                     Communal Land Act, 1982, that the Minister of Local Govern-
       SS                            ment, Rural and Urban Development will set aside the area
          mo                         of land specified in the Schedule, with effect from the 19th
         so                  -       August, 1985, for the purpose of constructing a secondary
                                     school,              :                         .                     .
                                 -     Any person occupyingor using the land specified in the
                                     . said Schedule, otherwise than by virtue of a right held in
                                       terms of the Mines and Minerals Act [Chapter 165], is ordered
                                  .. to depart permanently; with all his property, from the said
                                 . land by the 19th October, 1985, unless he acquires rights of
           ee                       . use or occupation to the said land in terms of subsection (1)
            i                          of section 9 of the Communal Land Act, 1982,        ‘
                                                                                             E. C. CHIKOWORE,
                                                                    ~           Minister of Local Government,
                                     19-8-85.                  a              Rural and Urban Development.
                                                                 ScuEDULE (Section 2)                               ’
                                                          DESORIPTION OF LAND
                                         An_area of land, approximately 25 hectares in extent, in
                                       the administrative district of Mutare, as shown by the inner
                                       edge of the black line on plan CA/284/8/85, which can be
                                       inspected, free of charge, at the offices of the Secretary for
                         2             Local Government, Rural and Urban Development, Mukwati
                                       Building, Livingstone Avénue, Harare.

           mo                                                    CONTENTS
          Sl                                                            General Notice       ,
               ws                    Number                               “                               -         Page
            Boom a,                   504A. Communal Land Act,             1982; Notice of Intention to       Set
         ann                                   Aside Land for the. Construction of a Sécondary School:
         Oe                                    Mutare District      2      2         +   3       +)   e       ee        78

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