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15 October 1985

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1985-10-15 number 1

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                                                               | ZIMBABWEAN-

                                                                     “<-Published by Authority.

      Vol xe, No:1.                                                    _ 6thJANUARY, 2012 -                                             _Pricessa,00
 : ‘Genera Notice i of2012,                     wet                    m                       Dated: at‘Bulawayoonnthis 19hday of December,2011. me
                     “STATEPROCUREMENTBOAARD                                                 Sithandile Ncube, cloCoghlan and Welsh; legal: practitioners,. -
                                                                                          - Barclays Bank
                                                                                                        i Building, Eighth.Avenue/Main Street,Bulawayo.
                                  Tenders Invited                                                                                                   32572At
   : TENDERS:must ve eitclosediin. sealed envelopes, endorsed. on theoutside with the: Po                       CHANGE OF NAME
   _ advertisedtender number, description, closing date and faust beposted intime to be.
    -SOrted into Post OfficeBox Number CY 408, Causeway, or delivered by-handto the”          TAKE notice that; on 13thJanuary, 2011, beforeme, Miatshobana a,
   - PrincipalOfficer, State Procurement Board, Fifth Floor, Old Reserve Bank Building,
                                                                                           j Neube, a.legal practitioner andnotary public;‘appeared: Polinah..- -
 we ‘Samora.MachelAvenue, Harare, ‘before. 10.a0 am. on the slosing date, -
                                                                                           | -Mloyi: (bor on 15th October, 1985), and changed: hername to’ *’
                                   eet                           -     ¢, NYANHETE,’ | Polinah Nyathi; sothat; henceforth, for all purposes‘and occasionsoes
   “evan.                              ie ‘ncOffice,‘State’ProguresmentBoard. . "|          she shall be‘known:‘bythenamePolinahNyathi.                          fae
e - Tender.number:                                                                            “Dated: at ‘Bulawayo. ‘this 21st ‘day ‘of: December; ott 2
os                           ee   | Matshobana Neube, c/oPhutu and’ Neube,Fidelity Life Centre,
   NSSA.19/2011. ContatinstNSSARedOfComplex Seventheb1 Floor,701;EleventhAvenne/Fife:Street,
                                                       loor TOL Lovett Aveuhe/Fife Stscot +Belaweise
                                                                                             Bulawayo ee:
         °Tenderconditions we a                                       Bly                                                                 i        325723 os
         ~A compulsorysite visit: will bb e heldfor all bidson|ve=- ‘ .
     ~Tanuary, 2013, at11.30 am.                                                                                ~ CHANGEOF NAME, :
        “SL. Bidders must be: current Category:AY contractors, in | ‘TAKEnoticethat,on25th ofDecember, 2011;Francisbay a-
         awin CIFOZ, ZBCAor Local Government Registers. ~~.... | (bornon 16th May,1976) appearedbeforeme, AlbertVoteMurove, .
           - Bidders must ‘be‘registered. companiescontributing | asiotary public, and changedhis nametoFrancia Matinibe.—Albert.”
         “to NSSApension schemes. and must attacha current- Note. Murove, notary public,.c/o Mucharéhwa.and Partners, Sixth -
            eG: clearance form:from theirtespectiveNSSA: Regional 1 Floor,(Coal House, 17,‘Nelson MandelaAvenue,Harare.’
             <S-Offices,                                                     ed                                       "325601
       3, Biddersmust attach3a.varregistration form and tax pow -                                    LostCERTIFICATEOF.REGISTRATION. :
                  clearance form. .
                                                                                                    the‘under-mentioned: ceitificate.
    fe = qe Tenderdocuments must beobtainied uponpayimedt ofa ‘ :   _ NOTICE{is5 hereby given that
                                                                                             ofregistration, issued in the namieofWilfred Zgambo,hasbeen
         ~ =. pon-refundablefee ofUS$80,00., fromNSSAPurchasing +
            Office; Room 13; Seventh:Floor, NSSA House,comer ‘Jost-or mislaidand ‘that application.‘willbe‘made. to:the Mining ’- =
    oeSam Nujoma Street/Selous ‘Avenue,Harare:                    |»Commissioner, Bulawayo, at the expirationof30daysfrom the: date.
      oo Theclosingdate ij s 7thFebruary,2012...                                      -      ofpublicationofthisnotice; for theis
                                                                                                                                issueof a Suplicate thereof...    Oe

                             CHANGEOFNAME.                                                   - Registration umber                       Bo Name of:block
                                                                                                                                                Apuai 12 ey2 7
         noticethat on‘the13th day,of Saninary, 2011; before’me,. Pe
no"MatshobanaNeube, alegal practitioner and notarypublic; appeared | “Datedat
                                                                            Bayo     tis stdyof.(Dezember,2011,Wilfred: a
«Shepherd Mloyi (born on 10thFebruary, 1983); and changedhis. |-Zgambo, applicant. :                          © 3257200
 - name to Shepherd Nyathi, so that, henceforth,forall purposesand:
 -* 6eeasionshe shall be knownbythe name Shepherd Nyathi:                                       le LOSTCERTIFIGATE OFREGISTRATION
Oh " Dated atBulawayo this 21st day ofDecember, 2011,—Matstisbana’ ;
ae Noube, c/oPhulu and Neube, Seventh Floor; FebLife Centre, :. }- “y
                                                                    “NOTICEiis hereby given that the under‘mnentioned certificate:
  5 701,HleventhAvenuelFife Street, Bulawayo,    __ B2S796E of of fegistration,issuedinthe name‘ of. Thandi:Ndlovu, has-been .
                                                                                          | lost-or mislaid‘andthat applicationwill: be madetothe Mining -
                             CHANGEOF NAME                                                | Commissioner, Bulawayo,at the‘expiration:of30 days fromthe date ree
os            ;                                     eee of publication ofthis notice,for the issueof
                                                                                              i      a a duplicate thereof.
  . _ NOTICE ishereby given.that, on the: 19th day of December,                            7      '
2011, Simudzirai Chinoganhira (bornon 2nd of September, 1983) |.Restrain umber ae                        Nameofblock.’
      peared before me, Sithandile Ncube,a le practitioner and       GA.3361                               -Sablevale 3
os near public;at Bulawayo, and did abandonthe iiame Simudzixai
“» ~.v Chinoganhira and. assume
       hence fostbe Known        thename98EriJohnoon
                           and referedto EricJohnson,so that he'shall-- | : Datedat Bulavayo this t6thaay
                                                     on all occasions                                   of December,2011.~Thandi a
                                                                   me Nalova applicant.” oe                                                           325839F-
   vandiinall records. z
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