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20 March 1987

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1987-03-20 number 7

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                                         ■    t
                                              i    Published by Authority

  Vol. LXV. No. 7                                     Stli FEBRUARY, 1987                                              Price 40c

General Notice 81 of 1987.                                               (c) depart pw eru Saturday 11.30 a.m., arrive Mutimutema
                                                                             7 p.m.; ■
ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT lCHA.PtER 262\                             (d) depart Gweru Stmday 1 p.m., arrive Mutimutema
                                                                             8.30 p.m.;
    Applications in .Connexion 'with. Road Service Permits               (e) depart Mutimutema Sunday 12 midmgh^ arrive Gweru
                                                                             7.30 a.m.;
  IN terms of subsection (41 of section 7 of the Road Motor              (f) depart Mutimutema Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
Transportation Act [Chapter 262], notice is hereby gi-yen that               5 a.m., arrive Gweru 12.30 p.m.;
the applications detailed in. the Schedule, for & e issue or
amendment of road service permits, have been received for the            (g) depart Mutimutema Saturday 3 a.m., arrive Gweru
consideration of the Controller of Road Motor Transportation.                10.30 am .
  Any person -wishing to object to any such application must
lodge with the Controller of Road Motor Transportation, P.O.           Nyamweda Bus Service (Pvt.) Ltd.
Box 8332, Causeway—                                                      0/808/86. Permit: l ‘298I. Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capacity:
  (a) a notice, in writing, of his intention to object, so as to       64.
       reach the Controller’s office not later than the 27th           Route 1: Chegutu - Three Cheers Mine - Mamma - Madroigwe
       February, 1987;                                                   - Majuju D ip Tank - Nyamweda Township - Masawi School
  (b) his objection and the grounds therefor, on form R.M.T.             - Chirichena - Marirangwe - Jack Davis - Harare.
        24, together with two copies thereof, so as to reach the;      Route 2: Chegutu - Gadzema - Eden Park Farm - Marawa
        Controller’s office not later than the 20th March, 1987.         Store - Jongwe Farm - Murindagbma - Jafi School - Muze-
  Any person objecting to an application for the issue or amend­         zuru Store.
ment of a road service permit must confine his grounds of,             By:
obiection to matters directly bearing on the considerations
referred to in paragraph (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), o r (f) of section     (a) Deletion of Route 2.
8 of the said Act,                                                       (b) Increase in frequencies.
                                                                         (c) Alteration to times.
                                          R. N . TSOMONDO,             The service operates as follows—                      -=■
6-2-87.               Controller of Road Motor Transportation.
                                                                         Route 1:        '
                             S c h e d u le                                 (a) depart Mamma Monday 3.30 a.m., arrive Harare
                                                                                   6.30 a.m.;
                        MOTOR-OMNIBUSES                                      (b) depart Mamma Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Amendments                               •                                        6 a.m., arrive Harare 9 a.m.;
E. Muneiizwa.                                                               (c) depart Chegutu Wednesday and Friday 1.45 pm ., arrive
    0/77^86. Permit: 24239. Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capacity:                    Nyamweda To-wnship 4.15 p.m.;
76.     ,                              _ •                                   (d) depart M amma Sunday 3 a.m., arrive Harare 6 a.m.;
Route: Gweru - Kwekwe - Kadomg’- Golden Valley - Nyimo                       (e). depart H atare Monday 2 p.m., arrive Maruma 5 p.m.;
   Township - Ungwe School - Kuwirirana Store - Kasami                       (f) depart Harare Tuesday and Thursday 2 p.m., arrive
I River -■ Mutimdtema.                             -   ■                          Mamma 4 p.m.;
By: Alteration to times,                     I                              <g) depart Nyamweda Township Wednesday and Friday
The service operates as follows.—                                                 6 a.m., arrive Chegutu 8.30 a.m.;
   (a) depart Gweru Monday and Wednesday 10 a.m., arrive                    (h) depart Harare Saturday 12,01 p.m. and 6 p.m., arrive
        Mutimutema 5.30 p.m.;                                                     Mamma 3 p.m. and 8 p.m., respectively;
  ‘(b) depart Gweru Friday 5 p.m., arrive iMutimutema Saturday              fi) depart Harare Sunday 6,15 p.m., arrive Maruma
         0.30 a.m.;               t        '                                      9.15 pm .
   (c) depart Gweru Saturday 1.30 a.m., arrive Mutimutema                Route 2:
         9 p.m,;                                                            (a)‘ depart Chegutu Wednesday and Friday 8.45 a.m., arrive
    (d) depart Gweru Sunday 4 p.m., arrive Mutimutema                             M azezum Store' 10.50 a.m.;
          11.30 p.m.;                                                       (b) depart Mazezum Store Wednesday and Friday 11 a.m.,
   (e) depart Mutimutema Sunday 12 midnight, arrive Gweru                         arrive Chegutu 1 p.m.
         7.30 a.m.;                                                    The service to operate as follows-—
    (f) depart-, Mutimutema Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday                  (a) depart H arare Monday 5 a.m., arrive Nyamweda Town­
          8 aim., arrive Gweru 3.30 p.m.;                                       ship 6 a.m.;
    (g) depart Mutimutema Saturday; 5 a.m., arrive Gweru                 (b) depart Harare Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 2 p.m.,-
          12.30 p.m.          ■                                                 arrive Maruma 3.30 p.m.;
The service to operate as follows—                                        (c) depart Nj^mweda Wednesday and Friday 7 a.m., arrive
    (a) depart Gweru Monday and Wednesday 8 a.m., arrive                      . Chegutu 8.45 a.m.;                  "      __
         Mutimutema 3.30 p.m.;                                            (d) depart Nyamweda Tovmship Wednesday 5 p.m., arrive
   (b) depart Gweru Friday 5 pm ., arrive Mutimutema Saturday                   •Maruma 5.30 p.m.;
         0.30 a.m.;                                                       (e) depart Harare Friday 5 p.m., arrive Maruma 6.30 p.m.; ,
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