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31 December 1987

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1987-12-31 number 72

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                                            | EXTRAORDINARY
                                                           Published by Authority

                                                          _ 31st DECEMBER, 1987                                                          Price 406
 Vol. LXV, No. 72
_ General Notice 908A of 1987.                                              General Notice 908B of 1987.
                                                                                         PARLIAMENT OF ZIMBABWE
                                                                                                      Publication of Bill
           Shortage of Copies of Complete Version of Act .

                                                                              THE following bill is published with this Gazette for general
    THE Customs and Excise Amendment (No. 2) Act, 1987                      information:
  (No. 29 of 1987) comprises page 1 (containing sections 1 and
  2 and the operative words of section 3 of the Act) followed by              Presidential Pension and Retirement Benefits (A.B. 28, 1987).
 474pages containing the new Customs Tariff and Excise Tariff                                                                  I. W. Z. KUREWA, °
 ‘(new First Schedule and ‘Second Schedule to the Customs and                                                             Secretary to Parliament.
  Excise Act [Chapter 177]).       ©                                         31-12-87.
    ‘Circumstances beyond the control of the Government Printer
  have, however, made it impossible to supply the complete ‘Act
  with every copy of this Government Gazette. ‘An incomplete                 General Notice 908C of 1987.                          .
  copy of the Act (omitting the new Customs Tariff and Excise
  Tariff) is supplied instead.                   :                                            CONSITTUTION OF ZIMBABWE
  _ Copies of the complete Act are available in limited numbers

   from ‘Government ‘Publications Office, Cecil House, 95, Stanley                                    Publication of Laws
   (Avenue, Harare (P:0. Box 8062, Causeway) or from the Govern-                                            te

  ment Publications ‘Office, 101B, Main Street, Bulawayo (.0.
   Box 211, Bulawayo).                     .                                  THE following laws,       which ‘have been assented to by His
     Subscribers are notified that the new Customs Tariff and                Excellency the President, are published in-terms of subsection
                                                                             (5) ef section 51 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe—
   Bxise Tariff were printed in full in the Bill for the Act, which
   was published with the Government Gazette on Friday, the 16th               Customs and Excise Amendment Act, 1987 @No. 28 of 1987).
   October, 1987, and that no amendments whatsoever were made                   Customs and Excise Amendment (No. 2) Act, 1987 (No. 29
   to either tariff ducing the Bill’s passage through Parliament.                 of 1987).                                 ows
                                              L. C. TAKAWIRA,                                                                 . M. B. UTETE,
   31-12-87.                                       Gazette Editor.           31-12-87.            Secretary to the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

               x            ae                                 CONTENTS
                                General Notices -                     .       Statutory Instrument Issued as a Supplement to thir Gazetie              :
                                                                                                        -                    .
                                                                     Page     Number
    Number                                                                    314A, Date of     Commencemen t:  Constitution   of Zimbabwe  Amendment

    908A. Customs and Excise Amendment (No. 2) Act, 1987: Shortage
                                                                                     (No. 7) Act, 1987.                   °        :

         of Copies of Complete Version of the Act .              » 11924 4148. Customs and Excise (industrial Drawbacks and Rebates) Regulations, -
                                                                                    1987. -
                                                                 » L92A
    908B. Parliament of Zimbabwe: Publication of Bill .                       314C. Customs and Excise (Suspension) Regulations, 1987.
                                                                *. U192A |
 * 908C. Constitution of Zimbabwe: Publication of Laws .                      314D. Republic of South Africa Trade Agreement Regulations, 1987.

                                                _. Printed by the Government Printer, Harare.                                                    11924.
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