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3 March 1989

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1989-03-03 number 13

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                                                          Published by Authority.

    Vol. LXVIL, No.Ya                                       3rd MARCH,1989                                                   °     “Price 40c


  General Notice MA of 1989.                                              _¢.     Temporary permits will be granted only for the operation
                                                                                “of roadworthy spare motor-omnibuses, as shown on form
  ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT [CHAPTER 262)                                   R.M.T, 27, held in this office, over routes already served by
                                                                                the operator in question, under the authority      of a specific
                                                                                road service permit. The route(s) must be specifically described,
  Easter, Schools and Independence Holidays, 1989: Temporary                    the permit numbers must be quoted and the fare-tables in
         Authority for the Operation of Motor-omnibuses                         duplicate must accompany the application.
                                                                                  Applications should be in by the 10th March, 1989, addres-
                                                                                sed to the Controller of Road Motor Transportation and
    IT is hereby notified that temporary authorities for the                    either-—                 ,              os
' Easter Holidays, First Term Schools closing and openin
  periods and the Independence Holidays, 1989, may be applie                      (a) posted to P.O. Box 8332, Causeway; or
  for to cover either the first period (22nd March to 20th                        (b) delivered to Thirteenth Floor, Kaguvi Building, Fourth
 April, 1989); or the second period (12th May to 29th May,                                Street /Central Avenue, Harare.              .
  1989) and/or both periods.
                                                                                Note.—Operators are advised that unless current R.M.T. 27
    Applicants wishing to cover the double period are required                    Schedules are submitted as prescribed in section 26 of the
 to pay a double application fee.                                                 Road Motor Transportation (Public Service Vehicles) Regu-
    Temporary variations will be granted only to cover the                        lations, 1972 in terms of section 12 (2) (g) of [Chapter 262},
                                                                                  their applications will not be accepted.
 exact route or routes of the permit being varied, together with
 any conditions which may apply and will authorize, on such                                                          A. M. CHIDAWANYIKA,
 routes, operations on an “as and when required” basis.                         3-3-89,       Acting Controller of Road Motor Transportation.
            oo                               .

                                                              .   General Notice
                                    Number                                                    ~              Page
                   %           -    ILLA, Road Motor Transportation Act [Chapter 262]: Easter, Schools
                                          and Independence Holidays, 1989: Temporary Authority for the
                                          Operation of Motor-omnibuses :           :   .    .    » =. 208A

                                                 Printed by the Government Printer, Harare.                                                208A
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