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24 March 1989

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1989-03-24 number 8

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                                                          Published hy Authority

       Vol. LXVH,.No, 8-                                 lOth FEBRUARY, 1989                                                    Price 40¢

     General Notice 63 of 1989,                  | The service to operate as follows- -
7    ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT [CHAPTER 262}     (a)"dopart Harare Monday and Wednesday 9 a.in., arrive
                                Been   an   Bee
                                                                                 Bande 4.45 pam.:
                                                                           (b) depart Marare Friday 6 p.m, arrive Bande Saturday
         Applications in Connexion with Road Service Permits                    1.45 am.;                      .
                                                                           (c) depart Harare Saturday 5 a.m, arrive Bande 12.45 pm;
       IN terms of subsection (4) of section 7 of the Road Motor           (cl) depart Bande Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 6.50 we.,
    ‘Transportation Act [Chapter 262), volice is hereby piven that              arrive Efarare 2.15 pans
    the applications detailed in the Schedule, for the issue or
    AME NC ment of ronal seiviee permits have heen reecived for the        (c) depart Bande Sunday (0 aan. arrive Warne 5.45 pm
    consideration of the Controller of Road Motor Transportation.
      Any person wishing to object loony such application must            Nherera, Ndeyani Co-opurative Society (Pvt) Ltd.
    lodge with the Controller of Read: Motor Transportation, P.O,
    Rox 332, Causewiy > -                                                  Q/100/88. Motor omnibus. Passenger-capacily: 75.
      (4) a notice, in writing, of his intemtion to object, so as to      Route: Harare - Myurwi - Chiweshe School ~ Datite - Mt.
           reach the Controller's office not later than the 3rd March,     Darwin - Chividze ~ Dande Store - Mukunmbura.
       (b) his objection and the grounds therefor, on form R.M-T.      The service to operate as follows
           2A, together with two copies thereof, so as to reach the (a) depart Harare Monday 12.30 pany arnive Mukunbura
           Controller's office not later than the 24th March, 1989, io        9.10 p.m.;
       Any persen objecting taoan application for the issue or |         (hb) depart Harare Wednesday 7 aim., arrive Mukumbura
    amendment of a road service permit must confine his grounds |             4.40 p.m;
    Of objection to matters directly bearing on the considera- ©         (©) depart) Harare Criday 5S pan, arrive Mt Darwin
    tions referred to in paragraph (4), (b), fe), Cd), Ce) of Cf) of           10.58 pam:                    .
    section & af the said At,
                                                                     1  (0) depart Tlarare Saturday 9 aim, ative Mukutsbuin
                                          A. M. CHIDAWANYIKA,                 430 pans
    19-2-89,     Acting Controller of Road) Motor ‘Transportation.
                                                                        (ec) «lepart Harare Sonday f pon, arrive Muktnbusa
                                SCHEDULE                                      KO pom;
                                                                         (fF) depart Mukumbura Monday, Tuesday and ‘Mhursday
                         MOVOR-OMNIBUSES                                      AO ae. ave Pears OO aan,
    Amendments                                                          (g) depart Mt. Darwin Saturday 3 am. oarive Dhue
    United Bus Services a ditasion of ZUPCO,                                  RAM ti;
      O/ 199/88, Permit! 26811. Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capacily: »    (hb) depart Mukumbonr Sunday 4 an. arive Pbuare PP ium,
                                                                         ‘Tondit Transport,
    Route: Harare - Ruwa - Melfort - Beomely - Marondera -                                                                        qa

       Macheke « Headlands - Rasape ~  Nyahukwe    London          OfIR/KK. Motor omnibus Passenger -capacily: 76
      Store ~ Nyanga - ‘Troutbeck - Tombo Two . Regina Miasiaon
      > Nyalsiaga ~ Elim Mission - Bande                        Ponte: Patate © Marondera + Machoke . Rasape — Riversidy
      (a) Alteration to Tequentcies                              Phe service lo opetie ts follows
      thy) Alteration to times.                                    fn) afeport Phiae Monday. Priduy and Sanday 9 400 man,
                                                                       srbive Mirage tpn:
    The service operates as follows.                               thy depart Harave Saturday % aan, ative Motare PPaan:
      (a) depart Plarare Monday and ‘Charsday faa. arrive          fc) depart Mature Monday and Friday to Sunday 130 pin.
           Bande $.45 p.ti.;                                           aeive Ptaare Kyran
     th) depart Harare    Priday 6 pan. ariive Bande Sattieday
          1.45 ames                                                      MI     Macheche
     fe) depart Harare Saturday & pum. astive Bande (OAS pom:             00/90/88. Moter-omnibus. Passenger-capacity. 75
     fd) depart Bande Puesday, Mriday and Saturday 6.40 aan,             Plott bers        dee   Matkurashizha    Nytananannreit ~WMeorkoudler
         arrive EFarare 2.94 pun;                                           Rote Chizamge- St Phillep's          Rock Paintings » Betmiud
     te). depart Bande Sunday 10 a.m, arrive Matare S45 om                    Miuzeki - Matonelers.
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