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26 June 1989

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1989-06-26 number 35

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                                         PuMished by Authority

Vol. LXVn, No. 35                           26th JUNE, 1989                                   Price 40c

                    General Notice 357A of 1989.
                                   cxiNsxmmoN o f             Z im b a b w e

                                            Publication of Laws

                       THE following laws, which have been assented to by His
                    Excellency the President, are published in tenms of subsection
                    (5) of section 51 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe:—
                      Appropriation (Supplementary) Act, 1988-89 (No. 8 of
                      Appropriation (Second Supplementary) Act, 1988-89) No. 10
                       of 1989).
                                                                    C. M. B. UTETE,
                    30-6-89.                  Secretary to the President and Cabinet.

                                                Ctneral Notice
                    Number                                                             Page
                    357A. Constitution of Zimbabwe: Publication of Laws .             566A

                    Statutory Irutrument luued at a Suppiemeni to tkU Gaggtte Extraordinary
                    132A. C onstitution of Zimbabwe: Proclamation 3 of 1M9.

                               Printed by the G overnm ent Printer, Harare.                         566A
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