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21 July 1989

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1989-07-21 number 42

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                                        Published by Authority                  ■

Vol. LXVn, No. 42                            21st JULY,         1989                             Price 40c

                                             CO NTEN TS
                    SUitut0ry Instrumenta h tu e d a* Supplements   this Gatett* Extraprdinery

                    ’ umber
                     153A. Emergeiwy Powers (Control o f Prices, Service Charges and Rents)
                           (Repeal) R e fla tio n s, 1989.

                    1S3B. Control o f Ooods (Price Control) Regulations, 1989.

                    153C. Control o f Goods (Sale o f M otor Vehicles) (Amendment) Order,
                          1989 (No. 11).

                             Printed by the Government Printer, Harare.                                 664A
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