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29 December 1989

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1989-12-29 number 73

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                                                    Published by Authority

   Vol. LXVII, No. 73                              29th DECEMBER. 1989                                                   Price 40c

General Notioe 758A of 1989.                                          Generai Nurses or State Certified Nurses
MEDICAL, DENTAL AND AIXIED PROFESSIONS ACT                               Clara Sphi'we Nendo
                        [CHAPTER 224]                                    Susan Zulu
                                                                         Wiimie Mpondafflwala
                                                                         Peter Johnson Chitiga
  Electkm of Members to the Healhi Professions Coundl                    Efduas Mudzingwa
                                                                         Cephas Chengetai Chakunda
   r r is hereby n o t i ^ timt, in terms of subsection (3) of           Rose Jaele NtUovu
sectionr '10 of the Mbdical, Dental and Allied Professions            Environmental     Health     Officer or   Environmental   Health
(Election of Members of Council) Regulations, 1984, pub­              Technician
lished in l^atutory Eistrument 1S7 of 1984, the Minister of
Healdi hereby publishes the names of the candidates who have             Jethro Samusodza
been duly elected as members of the Health Professions                Medical Laboratory Technologist or State Certified Medical
Council with effect from the 1st January, 1990;                       Laboratory Technician
Medical Practitioners                                                    Paul Chideya
  Leopold Joseph Sinnie
  Lesue Jacobson                                                      Other Registered Persons
                                                                         Helen Lay ^hysiodierapist)
Dental Practitioner                                                      Elphas Davidzo Maphosa (Radiographer)
  Ivor Corbet-Owen
Pharmaceutical Chemist                                                                                              D. G. MAKUTO,
  Peter Vincent Rollaaon                                              29-12-89.                                  Secretary for Health.

                                                           O tm r fi N otict

                                758A. Medical, Dental and Allied Profenions AjSI [Chapter 224]:
                                      Election o f M emben to the Health Professiom Council       liSOA

                                          Pidnted by the Government Printer, Harare.                                            1180A
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