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14 February 1990

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1990-02-14 number 8

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                                                                    Published by Authority

                 Vol. LXVIII. No. 8                                14th FEBRUARY. 1990                                                                          Price 40c

              Generali Notice 95A of 1990.                                          symbols and abbreviations that are not registered wJU not be
                                                                                    printed on ballot-papers, nor may they be used with reference
                 E1.ECTORAL ACT (MODIFICATION) NOTICE, 1990                         to any political party.
                                                                                                                                                         T. T. MUDEDE,
                        Registration of Symbols and Abbreviations                   14-2-90.                                                             Registrar-General.

                NOTICE is hereby given, in terms of section 18 of the
              Electoral Act (Modification) Notice, 1990, that the Registrar-                                       CONTENTS
              General will hold a public court at Mashonganyika Building,
              Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, on Wednesday the 21st
              February, 1990, commencing at ten o’clock in the morning,                                                   General Notice
              for the purpose of registering—                                       Number                                                                                       Page
                (a) symbols of candidates and parties; and                            95A.     Electoral Act (Modification) Notice, 1990: Registration of
                                                                                               Symbols and Abbreviations    .................................................... 142A
                (b) abbreviations of names of parties;
                                                                                       Statutory Instruments Issued as Supplements to this Gazette ExtraertUt^ry
              for the purpose of the second general election hdid after the
              18th April, 1980, and the first election to the office of President   Number
              held after the 1st January, 1990.
                                                                                     24A.      Proclamation 2 of 1990.
                Application forms for the registration of symbols and                24B.      Electoral (Prohibited Symbols) Notice, 1990.
              abbreviations are available at the offices of the Registran-
              General of Elections, Makombe Building, Moffat Street, Harare.         24C.      Electoral Act (Modification) Notice, 19W.
                                                                                     24D.      Electoral (Amendment) Regulations, 1990 (No. II).
                Persons who wish to contest the elections referred to in the
              previous paragraph should note that, in terms of subsection (1)        24E.      Proclamation 3 of 1990.
              of section 18 of the Electoral Act (Modification) Notice, 1990,        24F.      Electoral (Presidential Election) Notice, 1990.

                                                         Printed by the Government Printer, Harare,                                                                        1(1

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