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16 March 1990

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1990-03-16 number 18

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                                                                                         f   t.    i



                                                         {‘uhlished hy Authority

    Vol. LXVIII, No. 18                                    16th MARCH. 1990                                                     Price 40c

 G eneral N otice 155 of 1990.                                              (c) depart R enco M ine Tuesday, Thursday ard Sunday
                                                                                5 a.m .. arrive M utarc 2 p.m .;
                                                                            (d) depart R eneo M ine Saturday 5 a.m ., arrive C hibuw e
                                                                                 10.30 a.m .
     A pplications in C onnexion w ith R oad Service Perm its
                                                                           Zim babw e O m nibus C o.— a division of ZU PCO .
      IN t'irm s of r.ubsec'ion (4) of section 7 of the R oad M otor j        0/461/88.      Perm it:   25589.   M otor-om nibus.    Passenger-
 Transportation A ct [Cftajrrer 262], notice is hereby given that         capacity: 76.
 the applications detailed in the Schedule, for the issue or               R oute 1: G v.eru - Lalapanzi - M vum a - C hivhu - 'M aronda-
 am endm ent of road service perm its, have been' received for                m ashanu        M bom a Turn-olT     W iltshire H .G.     D om bo
 the consideration of the C ontroller of R oad M otor T rans­                 School - Sadza - M aw are School - Shum ba.
                                                                        ! R oute 2: Shum ba - Sadza - N yahpne - A sisi - R ange D .C . -
     A ny person w ishing to object to any such application m ust             C hivhu.
 I'l'ge w ith the C ontroller of R oad M otor Transportation,             R oute I:
 P.O . Box 8332, C ausew ay—
     (a) a notice, in w riting, of his intention to object, so as to
          reach the C ontroller's office not later than the 6th                  (a) D elet'on of portion of the route nam ely M aronda-
          A pril, 1990;                                                                m ashanu to Shum ba and sub.»titution of R ange -
                                                                                       N harira - D aram om be - C higarakara - B uhera D .C. -
     (b) his objection and the grounds therefor, on form R .M .T.                      M arenga - B lank Store      H um am bi - B irchenough.
          24. (oaelher w i‘h tw o copies thereof, so as to reach the
          C ontroller’s office not later than the 22nd A pril, 1990.             (b) A lteration to tim es and increase in frequencies.
     A ny pe:scn objecting to an application for the issue or             R oute 2: By deletion for route 2.
 am endm ent of a road service perm it m ust confine his grounds          The service operates as follow s—
 of objection to m atters directly bearing on the considerations              R oute 1:
 referred to =n paragraph (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) or (f) of sect'on
 8 of the said A ct.                                                            (a) depart G weru         Friday 6 p.m ., arrive Shum ba
                                                                                       10.20 p.m .;
                                               V . M . M U PA W O SE, .         (b) depart Shum ba Sunday 2 p.m .. arrive G weru 6.20 p.m .
 16-3-90.                C ontroller of R oad M otor Tran.sportation.
                                                                              R oute 2:
                                Sc h e d u l e                                  (a) depart Shum ba Saturday 7 a.m ., arrive C hivhu
                                                                                       10.15 a.m .;
                          M OTOR -OM NIB USES                         !

Amendments                                                                      (b) depart C hivhu Saturday 1.30 p.m ., arrive Shum ba
                                                                                      4.45 p.m .
M hofu Express Services (Pvt.) Ltd.
                                                                          The service to operate as folic .s—
    0/345/88. Perm it: 26555. Passenger-capacity: 76.
                                                                             (a) depart G w eru M onday and W ednesday 8 a.m .. arrive
R oute: M utare - W engezi Junction - B irchenough B ridge -                       B irchenough 3.20 p.m .;
    Tanoand.a H alt - C hibuwc - C hcchcche - Low er Sabi Bridge
    - C hiredzi - Triangle - Renco Jen - R enco M ine.                       (b) depart G weru Friday 5.30 p.m ., arrive B irchenough
                                                                                   Salutday 0.50 a.rrj.;
                                                                             (cf depart B irchenough Tuesday and Thursday 7 a.m ..
    (a) A lteration to tim es.                                                     arrive G weru 2.20 p.m .;
    (b) Extension of Satui'Jay inw ard and outw ard services                (d) iJcpart B irchenough Sunday 9 a.m ., arrive G w eru
         from C hiredzi to C hibu.ve.                                              4 20 p.m .
The service operates as follow a—
   (a) arr ve M etare M onday, W ednesday and Friday 5 a.m ..               0/7;)/84.       Perm it:   25299.   M otor-om nibus.    Passenger-
         arrive R enco M ine 2 p.m .;                                    capacity: 76.
   (b) depart C hiredzi Saturday 11 a.m ., arrive R enco M ine            R oute: B ulaw ayo - M atobo - K ezi C am p - C ausew ay - M be-
         3.15 p.m .:                                                         m besw eni - M avidza Store - Bidi - C hief M alaba - Sipati
   (c) depart R cncn M ine Tuesday, ThuruJay and Sunday                     Store - Seula Turn-ofl - M am balc Seula.
         5 a.m ., arrive M utare 5 p.m .;                                By:
   (d) depart Re:tc;) M ine Saturday 6 a.m ., arrive C hiredzi              (a) A lteration to tim es.
         8 a.m .                                                            (b) Increase in f;cquencies.
The service to operate as follow s—                                      The service operates as follow s—
   (a) depart M utare M onday. W ednesday and Friday                        (a) depart B ulawayo Saturday 1 p.m ., arrive M am bale
         6.30 a.r. .. arrive R enco M ine 4.45 p.m .;                              Seula 6..30 p.m :
  (b) depart C hibuw e Saturday 10.45 a.m .. arrive Rcnco
         M ire 3.15 p.m .;                                                  (b)    dcp.nrt M am balc Seula Sunday 12 p.m ., arrive B ula-
                                                                                   w ay.) 5.30 p.m .

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