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8 June 1990

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1990-06-08 number 41

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                                                         Published by Authority                          -

    Vol. LXVIII, No. 41                                      8th JUNE, 1990                                                 Price 40c

 General Notice 326 of 1990.                                       _        Walter Pahla,
              RURAL LAND ACT [CHAPTER155]                                   Camera
                                                                            Harare.                               Harare
           Notice of Intention to Cancel Deeds of Transfer                  Elijah Munyuki,

   NOTICEis hereby given that the Minister of Lands, Agri-                  P-O. Box 8026,
 culture and Rural Resettlement proposes to direct the Registrar            Causeway,
 of Deeds to cancel the deeds of transfer described in the                  Harare.                               Harare
 Schedule in terms of section 5 of the Rural Land Act {Chapter             Andrew Sydney Mambo,
 155}.                                          .                          P.O. Box 8026,
   All persons having any objections to such cancellation are              Causeway,
 required to lodge the same, in writing, with the Minister of              Harare.                                Harare
 Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement, Private Bag 7701,              Hugh David Gaitskell,
 Causeway, on or before the 2nd of July, 1990.                             12, Richmond Road,
                                             B. N. NDIMANDE,| Highlands,                                         Harare
                            Secretary for Lands, Agriculture and                     _
 8-6-90.                                         Rural Resettlement.       John Cecil Dowson,
                                                                            14, Palmer Road,
                             SCHEDULE                                      Milton Park,
                                                                           Harare.                               Harare
  1. Deed of Transfer 2474/85, registered in the name of                     .           .     .
     Jeanette Carlson, in respect of a certain piece of land,              Richard Kizito Aisam,
     situate in the district of Que Que, being Lot 4 of Thomp-             P.O. Box 34,
     sons Farms, measuring eight hundred and forty-eight                   Chegutu.                              Chegutu
    comma four nought four one (848,4041) hectares.                        Happy Jabulani Ndanga,
 2. Deed of Transfer 2209/81, registered in the name of                    P.O. Box 737,
    Tichapondwa Clement Rupere, in respect of a certain                    Gweru.                                Gweru
    piece of land, situate in the district of Kadoma, being                               .    ope
    Grange Ranch, measuring two thousand five hundred and                  Samuel Berserayi Chikovore,
    seventy-seven comma six nine four six (2 577,694 6) hec-               Hwange.          ,                    Zimbabwe
                                                                           Andrew Arnold Coleman,
                                                                           12, Lomagundi Road,
General Notice 327 of 1990,                                                Avondale,
 JUSTICES OF THE PEACE AND COMMISSIONERS OF                                Harare.                               Harare
                       OATHS ACT, 1975                                     Donald John Edgerton,
                            ——__                                           6, Norman Close,
              Appointment of Commissioners of Oaths                        Chisipite,
           hereb     fed th the           f                                Harare.                               Harare
  IT is hereby notified  that the Minister of Home Affairs has,                 :                 irei
in terms of subsection (1) of section 6 of the Justices of the             paanias Hougers Mupambirei,
Peace and Commissioners of Oaths Act, 1975, appointed the                  Services                          y
persons mentioned in the first column of the Schedule to be                P.O. Box 1976
Commissioners of Oaths for the area specified in the second                parare.       ,                       Vlarare
column thereof.
                                                                           Winston Raymond Clutty,
                                                 J. M. WHABIRA,            14, Francis Warren Road,
8-6-90.                        Secretary for Home Affairs.                 Tanda,
                                                                           P.O. Ascot,    .
                        SCHEDULE                                           Bulawayo.                             Bulawayo
Name and address of person        Area                                     Antony Lawrence Babbage,
Robbie Matongo Mupawose,                                               CMEDHead Office,
45, Stonechad Lane,                                                        Private Bag 7719,
Borrowdale,                                                            Causeway,
Harare,                                 Zimbabwe                       Harare.                                   Zimbabwe
Peter Douglas Harris,                                                  Richard Miles Frost,
30, Tay Road,                                                          113, Twickenham Drive,
Vainona,                                                               Northwood,
Harare.                                 Harare                         Harare,                                   Harare

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