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8 March 1991

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1991-03-08 number 14

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                                                     Published by Authority

    Vol. LXIX, No. 14                                  8th MARCH, 1991                                                         Price $2
 General Notice 169 of 1991.                                              Plan 1103 may be inspected free of charge, at the offices of
                                                                        the Secretary for Transport and National Supplies, Kaguvi
                                                                        Building, Fourth Street, Harare.                ~

 Appointment and Reappointment of Members and Designation                                  Description of road
 of Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Governors
         of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation                       Reference
                                                                          Portion of Mvuma Loop Road (Route 353).
  IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Information,
Posts and Telecommunications has, in terms ofsection 4 of
the Broadcasting Act [Chapter 248], reappointed the person                      On Remainder of Central Estates at a point approximately
specified in Part 1 of the Schedule as a member of the Board                    480 mm south-east from its junction with Central Avenue.
of Governors of the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation;
and appointed the persons specified in Part II of the Schedule                Passing through
as members of the Board of Governors of the Zimbabwe
Broadcasting Corporation, and designate the first-mentioned                     Remainder of Central Estates.
as Chairman, and the second-mentioned as Deputy Chairman,
for@ period of three years with effect from Ist February,                     Terminating
                                                                                On Remainder of Central Estates at its function with
                           ‘SCHEDULE                                            Harare-Masvingo Road.
                             Parr I                                           General Notice 304 of 1990 is repealed.
    Reappointed member
      Mrs. Z. E. Sibanda                                                                                                    D. NORMAN,
                                                                       8-3-91.              Minister of Transport and National Supplies. ~
                              Part II
    Appointed members
      Mr. D. Ngwenya (Chairman)                                        General Notice 171 of 1991.

      Mr. O. Munyaradzi (Deputy Chairman)                              ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT [CHAPTER 262]

      Dr. J. R. Kurewa
      Mr. O. Chimenya                                                  Notice of Intention to Declare Lawful tha Carriage or Haulage
                                                                                       for Hire or Reward of Specified Goods
      Mr. A. I. Kassim
      Mr. I. Chigwendere
                                                                         IT is hereby notified, in terms of subsection (2) of section
      Mr. D. Meyer                                                     30 of the Road Motor Transportation Act [Chapter 262], that
                                                                       the Minister of Transport and National Supplies intends to
      Mrs. E. Haddon                                                   declare that, during the period from the 3ist March, 1991
                                                                       to 30th ‘November, 1991, the carriage or haulage by vehicles
         >                                _S. L. KACHINGWE,            or trailers or combinations thereof not more than 15 tonnes
                                      Secretary for Information,       gross mass, of the goods specified in the first column of the
                                 Posts and Telecommunications,         Schedule in accordance with the provisions specified opposite
                                                                       thereto in the second column of the Schedule shall be lawful,
                                                                       although no roads service permit exists in respect of such
General Notice 170 of 1991.
                                                                       carriage or haulage, and any vehicle so used shall not be
              ROADS ACT [CHAPTER 263]                                  regarded as a public service vehicle for the purposes of the
                                                                       said     Act.
  Closure of Portion of Road: Charter Rural Council Area                 Any person wishing to object to such a declaration must
                                                                       do so, in writing, to the Minister of Transport and National
                                                                       Supplies, Private Bag 8109, Causeway, Harare, on or before
  THE Minister of Transport and National Supplies, in terms            the 22nd March, 1991.
of paragraph (a) of subsection (4) of section 7 of the Roads
Act [Chapter 263], hereby declares the portion of the road                                                                          CG
                                                                                                                               S.        GEZA,
described hereunder and shown on Plan ‘1103 to be closed.              8-3-91.            Secretary for Transport and National Supplies.
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