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29 March 1991

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1991-03-29 number 20

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                                                      Published by Authority

    Vol. LXIX. No. 20                                   29th MARCH, 1991                                                       Price $2

 G eneral N otice 213 of 1991.                                          (c) depart K adani Township Saturday 5.30 a.m ., arrive
                                                                            K adom a 8 a.m .;
                                                                        (d) depart K adani Township Sunday 9 a.m ., arrive Bula­
                                                                            w ayo 4.40 p.m .
     A pplications in Connexion w ith R oad Service Perm its
                                                                     Zim babw e O m nibus Co.— a division of ZU PCO .
    IN term s of subsection (4) of section 7 of the R oad M otor        '0/712/89. Perm it: 13035. M otor-om nibus. Passenger-capa­
 Transportation A ct [Chapter 262], notice is hereby given that      city: 76.
 the aipplications detailed in the Schedule, for m e issue
                                                        i     or     R oute 1: K w ekw e - Jeridho Farm - Zhom be - Rudge - Sengw a
 am en toent of road
                  j    service permits, have been received for           Tow nship - G okw e - Inyoka Estates - Tare Township -
 the consideration of the C ontroller of R oad M otor Trans­             M utim utem a - M adzivazvido - Sabala - Siyabuw a Cam p.
 portation.                                                              R oute 2: K w ekw e - Jericho Farm - Zhom be Store - R udge -
   A ny person w ishing to object to any such application m ust          Sengw a Township - G okw e         Jahana R oad Tum -ofl
 lodge w ith the C ontroller of R oad M otor Transportation,             Chief Jahana.
 P.O . Box 8332, Causeway—                                           By:
   (a) a notice, in w riting, of his intention to object, so as to       R oute 1: Increase in frequencies.
        reach the C ontroller’s ofBoe not later than the 19th           R oute 2: D eletion of route.
        A pril, 1991;                                                The service operates as follow s—
   (b) bis objection and the grounds therefor, on form R.M .T.       R oute 1:
        24, together w ith tw o copies thereof, sc as to reach the      (a) depart K w ekw e Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
        C ontroller’s office not later than the 10th M ay, 1991.             9.30 a.m ., arrive Siyabuw a C am p 8.05 p.m .;
  A ny person objecting to an application for the issue or              (b) depart Siyabuw a Cam p M onday, W ednesday and Friday
am endm ent of a road service perm it m ust confine his grounds              4.25 a.m ., arrive K w ekw e 3 pm .
of objection to m atters directly bearing on the considerations
referred to in paragraph (a), (b), (c), (d), <e) or (f) of section   R oute 2:
8 of the said A ct.                                                     (a) depart K w ekwe Saturday 8.30 a.m ., arrive Chief Jahana
                                                                             1.20 p.m .;
                                   V . M . M U PA W OSE (M RS.),        (b) depart Chief Jahana Saturday 2.30 p.m ., arrive K w ekw e
29-3-91.             C ontroller of R oad M otor Transportation.             6.35 pm .
                                                                     The service to operate as follows— ,
                           SCH EDU LB
                                                                       (a) depart K w ekw e M onday to Sunday 1 pm ., arrive
                    M O TOR-DM N IBU SES                                     Siyabuw a C am p 7 p.m .;
Amendments                                                             (b) depart Siyabuwa C am p M onday to Sunday 4.25 am .,
                                                                             arrive K w ekw e 10.25 a.m .
Zim babw e ^Om nibus and Touring Co.— a division of ZU PCO
   0/67/89.'perm it: 26388. M otor-om nibus. Passenger-capa­             0/286/90. Perm it: 27685. M otor-om nibus. Passenger-capa­
city: 76.                                                            city : 76.                                                           i
R oute: Bulaw ayo - K w ekw e - K adom a - Rio Tinto - Eten          R oute: D era - G awa Clinic - Sitbole K raal - C hegam a -
   M ine - D em vuri Store - Signeu^ R oad - V illage 4 and 5 -         C haram a Cross - G okwe.
  St. M ichael’s M ission - K adani Tow nship.                       By:
                                                                        (a) Introduction of route 2: “W ithin a 26-kilom etre radius
  (a) A lteration to tim es.                                                 of the post office, G okwe.”
  (b) Introduction to Saturday inw ard and outw ard services.           (b) Increase in passenger capacity to 25 standing on route 2.
The service operates as follows—                                     The service operates as follow s—
  (a) depart Bulawayo Friday 6 p.m ., arrive K adani Tow nship
       3.10 p.m .;                                                      (a) depart D era M onday to Friday 5.05 a.m ., 8.10 a.m .,
                                                                             11.10 a.m . and 4 p.m ., arrive G okw e 5.55 a.m ., 9 a.m .,
  (b) depart K adani Tow nship Sunday 9 a.m ., arrive Bula­                  12 noon and 4.50 p.m ., respectively;
       w ayo 6.50 p.m .
                                                                        (b) depart D era Saturday and Sunday 6.05 a.m ., 8.10 a.m .,
The service to operate as follow s—                                         12.10 p.m . and 4 p.m ., arrive G okwe 6.55 a.m ., 9 a.nu,
  (a) depart Bulaw ayo Friday 6 p.m ., arrive K adani Saturday              1 p.m . and 4.50 p.m ., respectively;
       12.30 a.m .;
                                                                       (c) depart G okwe M onday to Friday 7.10 am ., 7 p.m . and
  (b) dq>art K adom a Saturday 1Z30 p.m ., arrive K adani                   6 p.m ., arrive D era 8 a.m ., 10.50 a.m ., 2.50 p.m . and
       T ow n^p 3 pm .;                                                     6.50 p.m ., rrapectively;
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