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9 January 1992

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1992-01-09 number 2

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                                              Published by Authority

         Vol. LXX, No. 2                       9th JANUARY,1992                                Price $2

                           General Notice 9A of 1992.                              .
                                     PREVENTION OF CORRUPTION ACT, 1985

                                           Declaration of Specified Persons

                             THE Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs
                           hereby declares the      persons listed hereunder to be specified
                           persons in terms of subsection (1) of section 6 of the Prevention
                           of Corruption Act, 1985:—
                               @) John Bunyan Nyathi of Number 35, Paarl Road, Sun-
                                   ridge, Mabelreign, Harare; and
                              (ii) Pilgrims (Private) Limited of Number 411, Daventry
                                   House, Harare;
                           and in terms of section 7 of the Act hereby assigns Malcom
                           Fraser of N.K. Peake. (Pvt.) Limited as their investigator.
                                                                  BE. D. MNANGAGWA,
                                                           Minister of Justice, Legal and
                           9-1-92.                                  Parliamentary Affairs.

                                                 General Notice.
                           Number                                                Page
                             9A. Prevention of Corruption Act, 1985: Declaration
                                 of Specified Persons                             16A

                                      Printed by the Government Printer, Harare.                      16A
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