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21 January 1992

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1992-01-21 number 5

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                                          Published by Authority

     Vol. LXX, No. 5                       21st JANUARY, 1992                                 Price $2

                       General Notice 44A of 1992.
                          PREFERENTIAL TRADE AREA (P.T.A.) TREATY
                                            ON PROTOCOL
                                     Notice to 'Road Transport Operators:
                                            P.T.A. Carrier Licence

                         IN terms of Annex V of the Preferential Trade Area
                       fP.T.A.) Treaty on the Protocol on transit trade and transit
                       facilities, and also following the adoption of a harmonized
                       road transit charge by the P.T.A. Authority during their
                       meeting held in Mbabane, 'Swaziland, in November, 1990,
                       Member States are required to issue to their own transport
                       operators, a P.T.A. Carrier Licence which will be valid in all
                       P.T.A. 'States in place of a road service permit, provided they
                       use only the designated transit corridors.
                         In order to facilitate such operations, it is therefore hereby
                       notified that, any transport operator whose vehicles ate
                       Registered in Zimbabwe and completely owned by a Zimba­
                       bwean registered company and who intends to be engaged in
                       haulage of goods within the P.T.A. region, may submit
                       application to the Controller of 'Road Motor Transportation
                       for a Carrier Licence for each of his vehicles which has a
                       valid certificate of fitness. A P.T.A. carrier’s licence will not be
                       valid in Zimbabwe, where at present permits are still required.
                         Further details are as follows:—
                               Application fee .       . $10 in revenue stamps
                               Licence fee .           . $50
                               Validity period .       . 1 year
                         Application forms may be obtained from the Controller of
                       Road Motor Transportation, P.O. Box 8332, Causeway, or the
                       Thirteenth Floor, Kaguvi Building, Fourth Street/Central
                       Avenue, Harare.
                                                           V. M. MUPAW OSE (MRS.),
                       21-1-92.              Controller of (Road M otor Transportation.

                                              General Notice
                       Number                                                    Page
                       44A. Preferential Trade Area (P.T.A.) Treaty on Protocol:
                            Notice to Road Transport Operators: P.-T.A. Carrier
                            Licence                                            . 64A

                                 Printed by the Government Printer, Harare,                         64A
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