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5 June 1992

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1992-06-05 number 33

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                      GOVERNMENT GAZETTE
                                                                        Published by Authority

                        Vol. LXX, No.33                                      ist MAY, 1992                                                      Price $2

                    General Notice 248 of 1992.                                         General Notice 250 of 1992.
                         MINES AND MINERALS ACT [CHAPTER 165]                           ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT [CHAPTER 262]
                    Application for an Exclusive Prospecting Order: Gweru Mining               Applications in Connexion with Road Service Permits
qrere = wore ~~-


                      IT is hereby notified, in terms of subsection (4) of section        IN terms of subsection (4) of section 7 of the Road Motor
                    88 of the Mines and Minerals Act [Chapter 165], that Masasa         Transportation Act [Chapter 262}, notice is hereby given that
                    Mines (Private) Limited has applied to the Mining Affairs           the applications detailed in the Schedule, for the issue or
                    Board for an exclusive prospecting order, over the area             amendment of road service permits, have been received for
                    described hereunder, in the Gweru mining disttict, in relation      the consideration of the Controller of Road Motor Trans-
                    to the map reference Shurugwe SE-36-13, of the scale                portation.
                    1 : 250000, produced by the Surveyor-General.                         Afly           on wishing   to ‘object to any such application
                                                                                        must lodge with the Controller of Road Motor Transporta-
                                          Description of area                           tion, P.O. Box 8332, Causeway—
                         An area of approximately 64070 hectares in extent,               (a) a notice, in writing, of his intention to object, so as
                       situated in the Gweru mining district and bounded by a                  to reach the Controller’s office not later than the 15th
                       line commencing at a point where a road intersects the                  May, 1992;
                       northern boundary of Tokwe Block 3 (which is approxi-              (b) his objection and the grounds therefor, on form R.M.T.
                      mately 62 kilometres south-south-west of Mvuma) (grid                    2A, together with two copies thereof, so as to reach
                       reference TP262056); thence proceeding on a true bearing                   the Controller’s office not later than the 5th June, 1992,
                      of approximately 266° for a distance of approximately 22,8          Any person objecting to an application for the issue or
                      kilometres to trigonometrical beacon 344/S (grid reference       amendment of a road service permit must confine his
                      TP033042); thence on a true bearing of approximately 355°        grounds of objection to matters directly bearing on the
                      for a distance of approximately 29 kilometres to the common      considerations referred to in paragraph (a), (b), {c), (d),
                      beacon of Pink Un, Pearl and Ndwanga farms(grid reference        (e) or (f) of section 8 of the said Act.
                      -TPO10333); thence on a true bearing of approximately
                      83° 30° for a distance of approximately 20,2 kilometres                                                   V. M. MUPAWOSE (MRS,),
                      to where a track crosses the Chitora River (grid reference        1-5-92,                 Controller of ‘Road Motor Transportation.
                      TP2i1358); thence on a true bearing of approximately
                      170° 30° for a distance of approximately 30,6 kilometres to                                     SCHEDULE
                      the starting point.                                                                      MOTOR-OMNIBUSES
                      The applicant wishes to prospect for diamonds, gold, silver,     Amendments
                   copper, lead, zinc, nickel, cobalt, platinum group metals,
                   chromium, tin, tungsten, molybdenum and all rare earths             Mhukahuru BusServices (Pvt.) Ltd.
                   within the area which has been reserved against prospecting          ito! §3/90- Permit: 26215. Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capa-
                   pending     determination of this application. Prospecting          city:      76.
                   authority is sought upon registered base mineral blocks within      Route: Harare - Chegutu - Kadoma ~ Kwekwe - Zhombe
                   the reservation.                                                       Mission - Kadoma_ Turn-off - Nielele - Gokwe D.C. -
                     Any person wishing to lodge any objections to the granting           Mateta - Ngulube - ChiefJiri.                     .
                   of this application should do so, in writing, with the Secretary,   By:
                   Mining Affairs Board, Private Bag 7709, Causeway, by not              {a) Increase in frequencies.
                   later than Friday, the 8th May, 1992.
                                                                                          (b) Alteration of times.
                                                        D. E. H. MURANGARI,            Theservice operates as follows—
                   1-5-92,                                 Mining Affairs Board.         (a) depart Harare Friday 12 noon, arrive Chief Jiri
                                                                                                8.10 p.m.;
                                                                                         (b) depart Harare Sunday 10 a.m.; arrive Chief Jiri
                   General Notice 249 of 1992.                                                  6.35 p.m.;
                   POSTAL AND TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES ACT                             () depart Chief Jiri Monday and Saturday 6 a.m.arrive
                                         [CHAPTER 250]                                          Harare 2.35 p.m.
                                                                                       The service to operate as follows—                          :
                   Information Concerning Certain Post Offices in Zimbabwe
                                                                                         (a) depart Harare Wednesday 8 am., arrive Chief Jisi
                                   (Postal Notice 13 of 1992)                                  p.m.
                     IT is hereby notified that a temporary post office will be
                                                                                         (b) depart Harare Friday 12 noon, arrive: Chief Jiri
                   opened at the Zimbabwe Trade Fair, Bulawayo, during the                        p.m;
                   period 29th April to 3rd May, 1992. The office will operate           (c) depart Harare         Sunday   10 am., arrive Chief Jiri
                   as an off-counter of Famona Post Office.                                    p.m.;
                                                       « R,.MUTAMBIRWA,                  (d) depart Chief Jiri Monday, Thursday and Saturday
                   1-5-92,                              ‘   Postmaster-General,                    a.m., arrive Harare 1 p.m.
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