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26 February 1993

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1993-02-26 number 14

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                                                     Published by Authority

  Vol. LXXI, No. 14                                  26th FEBRUARY, 1993                                               Price $2,50

G eneral N otice 11 lA of 1993.                                     on the 31st January, 1993, had—
         U R B A N C O U N C ILS A C T [CHAPTER 214]                    (a) already served not less than one quarter of his period
                                                                             of im prisonm ent; and
                                                                        (b) tw elve m onths or less of his period of im prisonm ent
   Suspension of C ouncillors: V ictoria Falls Tow n C ouncil
                                                                             still to serve;
   IN term s of paragraph (a) of subsection (I) of section 88A      is hereby granted a rem ission of the rem ainder of his period
of the U rban C ouncils A ct [Chapter 214], I hereby suspend        of im prisonm ent.
all the councillors of the V ictoria Falls Tow n C ouncil from          (2) Subparagraph (1) does not apply-^
exercising all their functions as councillors in teim s of the           (a) to any habitual crim inal serving a sentence of extended
said A ct and any other law.                                                 im prisonm ent; or
                                             R. G . M U G A BE,          (b) to any person w ho escaped from prison custody on or
26-2-93.                                             President.              before the 31st January, 1993, and w as still at large
                                                                             on the 31st January, 1993; or
G eneral N otice 11 IB of 1993.                                          (c) to a parson on bail pending appeal against conviction
                                                                             or sentence; or
         U R BA N CO U NCTLS A C T [CHAPTER 214]
                                                                         (d) in respect of any sentence for a specified offence; or
                                                                         (e) in respect of any sentence for an offence of w hich
A ppointm ent of C om m issioner: V ictoria Falls Tow n C ouncil
                                                                              housebreaking is an elem ent, if the prisoner has one
                                                                             or m ore previous convictions for offences of w hich
  IT is hereby notified, for general inform ation, that the                   housebreaking is an elem ent.
Senior M inister of Local G overnm ent, R ural and U rban
Elevelopm ent, in term s of subsection (1) of section 56 of the           (3) Subparagraph (1) is intended solely to bring about
U rban Councils A ct [Chapter 214], has appointed M r. M tshena     the release forthw ith of the persons concerned from periods
Loyola Sidile as C om m issioner of the V ictoria Falls Tow n       of im prisonm ent .being served on the 31st January, 1993. In
Council.                                                            all other respects, eve^ sentence of im prisonm ent to w hich a
                                             W . A . O H IW EW E,   released person is subject w ill rem ain in full force and effect;
                        senior Secretary for Local G overnm ent,    in particular, w here the released person w as serving the
26-2-93.                       iRural and U rban D evelopm ent.     unsuspended part of a sentence of im prisonm ent, the suspended
                                                                    part of the sentence w ill rem ain of full force and eff^ and
                                                                    w ill be liable to be served if the conditions of suspension are
G eneral N otice 111C of 1993.                                      contravened.
              C O NSTITUTIO N O F ZIM B A BW E                            (4) For the purposes of this paragraph—
                                                                          “im prisonm ent” does not include detention im posed under
                C lemency O rder N o. 1 of 1993                                the D efence A ct ^Chapter 94];
                                                                          “period of im prisonm ent”, in relation to a person w ho, on
                                                                               the 31st January, 1993, w as subject to tw o or m ore
  IT is hereby notified that H is Excellency the President has                 effective term s of im prisonm ent, m eans—
m ade the order set out in the Schedule.
                                                                               (a) w here the sentences are running concurrently, the
                                                   P. G A R W E,
                                                                                    period of the longer or longest term ;
                              Secretary for Justice, Legal and
26-2-93.                                 Parliam entary A ffairs.              (b) w here the sentences are not runnii^ concurrently,
                                                                                    the aggregate of the several term s o f im prisonm ent;
                            Sc h e d u l e
                                                                          “specified offence” m eans—
             C LEM EN C Y O R D ER N o. 1 O F 1993                             (a) m urder, arm ed robbery, rape, theft of m otor-
                    G ENER AL A M N ESTY                                            vehicle or fraud;
                                  Title                                        (b) any conspirancy, incitem ent or attem pt to com m it
   1. This order m ay be cited as the C lem ency O rder N o. 1 of                   any offence referred to in paragraph (a);
 1993.                                                                         (c) being an accessory after the fact to any offence
          Remission of sentences of life imprisonment                               referred to in paragraph (a) or (b).
   2. A rem ission of the rem ainder of sentence is hereby             G iven under m y hand at H arare this tw enty-fifth day of
granted to every person serving a sentence of life im prison­        February, 1993.
m ent im posed on or before the 31st M arch, 1980, w ho is                                                     R. G . M U G A B E,
approved by the M inister of Justice, Legal and Parliam entary                                                           President.
A ffairs for release under this paragraph.                           By C om m and of the President.
        Geneml remission of sentences of imprisonment                                                         E. D . M N A NG A G W A,
   3. (1) Subject to subparagraphs (2), '(3) and (4), every                                                      M inister of Justice,
 prisoner serving a determ inate period of im prisonm ent w ho.                                       Legal and Parliam entary A ffairs.
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