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7 June 1993

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1993-06-07 number 36

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Vol. LXXI, No. 36                           7th JUNE, 1993                                 Price $2,50

                     General Notice 335A of 1993.
                                LAND ACQUISITIONACT,1992
                                        Designation of Rural Land

                       THE Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Water Develop-
                     ment would like to amend item 4 of General Notice 280 of
                     1993, which appeared in the Government Gazette on the 14th
                     May, 1993, designating rural land to read as follows—
                          “Deed of Transfer 2284/86, registered in the name of
                       H.E. Elsworth Holdings in respect of certain piece of land
                       situate in the district of Kwekwe, being Grasslands Estate,
                       measuring nine thousand four hundred and ninety-five
                       comma four six one six (9495,4616) hectares.”,
                                                     .          . K. M. KANGAJ,
                                          Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Water
                     7-6-93,                                          Development. .

                     Number                                                  Page
                    ' 335A. Land Acquisition Act, 1992: Designation of”      488A
                               Rural Land.

                                Printed by the Government Printer, Harare.             .            488A
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