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20 September 1993

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1993-09-20 number 59

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                                               EXXRAORDINAl RY
                                                               Published by Authority

      Vol. LXXI, No. 59                                    20th SEPTEMBER, 1993                                          Price S2.50
P   General Notice 568C of 1993.                                            8. Tichaenda Rusike of 4, Cleveland Road, Greendale,
           PREVENTION OF CORRUPTION ACT, 1985                               9. Victoria Farai Matipano of No. 1253, Lusaka, P.O. High-
                                                                               field, Harare;
!                  Declaration of Specified Persons                        10. Agnes Kawome of No. '1253, Lusaka, P.O. Highfield,
      THE Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs             11. Kodak Kawome of 43, Fairfield Road, Ifotfield, Harare;
    hereby declares die persons listed hereunder to be specified           12. Agnes Monzora of 1253, Lusaka, P.O. Highfielid, Harare;
    persons in terms of subsection (1) of sectkm 6 of the Prevention       13. Innocent Kawome of 43, Faitfield Road, Hatfield, Harare;
    of Co!miption Act, 1985:—                                                   and                                            .
     1. Wastetime Itayi Kawome of 43, Fairfield Road, Hatfield,            14. Meyka Agencies (Pvt.) Ltd., of 1253, Lusaka, Highfield
        Harare;                                                                 Township, Harare;
     2. Ernest Rese Kachito of 70, Spruit Road South, Hatfield,            and in tenns of section 7 of the Act, hereby assigns N^ni
        Harare;                                                            Kudenga of Kudenga and Company as thek investig^rr.
     3. Martin Mapenda of 24, Cookington Road, Mandara,                                                          E. D. MNANGAGWA,
        Harare;                                                            20-9-93. Minister of Justice, Legal and I^rliamentary Affairs.
     4. Patrick Manomano Mandizvidza of 14, Wetford Crescent,
        Montrose, Btdawao;
     5. Nkululeko Madevu of 3, Mfuti Close, Oririhoyi;                                        CONTENTS
     6. Nyauta 'Allard Mateka of 124, Alexandra Drive, Hat­                                        General Notice

w       field, Harare)
     7. Odweld Dzonga of No. 162, Rem Mainway Road,
        Prospect, Waterfalls;
                                                                           568C. Prevention of Corruption Act, 1985; Declara­
                                                                                 tion of Specified Persons .


                                              Prbited by the Government Printer. Harare.                                           836C
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