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23 June 1995

Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1995-06-23 number 34

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                                                                                Published by Authority

       Vol. LXXIII, No. 34                                                          23rd JUNE, 1995                                                         Price $3,00

    G eneral N otice 402 o f 1995.                                                                   Tender
                         GOVERNM ENT TENDER BOARD                                                    P & S 8.95. S upply and delivery o f printing inks, printing plates and
                                                                                                            sundries. C losing date, 13.7.95. D ocum ents for tender P & S
                                        T enders Invited
                                                                                                            8/95 are obtainable from the C ontroller, D epartm ent of
                                                                                                            P rinting and S tationery, G eorge S ilundika A venue/E pton
       A ll tenders m ust be subm itted to the Secretary, G overnm ent T entter B oard, P.O . B ox
                                                                                                            S treet, or P .O . B ox C Y 341, C ausew ay.
    C Y 408, C »isew ay.
       T enders m ust in no circum stances be subm itted to departm ents.                            H A . 5/95. S upply o f security services to the R egistrar-G eneral’s
       T enders m ust be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outsicte w ith the
                                                                                                             D epartm ent: 1995/96. C losing date, 6.7.95. D ocum ents for
    advertised tender num ber, description, closing date and m ust be posted in tim e to be
                                                                                                             tender H A . 5/95 are„obtainable from the S ecretary, M inistiy
    sorted into Post O ffice B ox C Y 408, C ausew ay, or delivered by hand to die Secretary,
                                                                                                             o f H om e A ffairs, P rivate B ag 7703, C ausew ay.
    G overnm ent T eixler B oard, Fourth Floor, A tlas H ouse, 62, R c4>ert M ugabe R oad,           6572: 3431. S upply and delivery o f tarpaulins, jum bo loom state

f   H arare, before 10 a.m . on the closing date notified.
       O ffers subm itted by telegraph, stating clearly therein the nam e of the tenderer, the
    ^rv ice and the am ount m ust be dispatched in tim e for delivery by the F ^ t O ffice to the
                                                                                                           ripstop w oven nylon. C losing date, 27.7.95. D ocum ents for
                                                                                                           tender6572:3431 are obtainable from the M anager, S upplies
                                                                                                           and S tores, N R Z , P .O . B ox 1999, B ulaw ayo.
    Secretary , G overnm ent T ender B oard, by 10 a.m . on the closing date and die confirm a­
                                                                                                     G M B . R 17/2/95. T enders are invited from established and regis­
    tion ^n d er posted not later than the closing tin ^ and date. T he telegraphic address is
                                                                                                             tered F orw arding A gents for the period July 1995— 30th
    ‘T enders, H arare".
                                                                                                             June, 1996. C losing date, 6.7.95, D ocum ents for tender
    Note:— T enders w hich are not received by 10 a.m . on the closing date, w hether by hand,               G M B .R 17/2/95 are obtainable from the G eneral M anager,
      by post or by telegraph, w ill be treated as late tenders.                                             G M B , R oom 514, S eventh F loor, K urim a H ouse, 89, B aker
       If a deposit is required for tender docum ents, it w ill tte refuncted on receipt of a bona           A venue, H arare. D ocum ents m ay be collected from the hours
    fide tender or if the tender docum ents are letum ed com plete and unm arked before the                  o f 08.00— 13.00 and 14.00— 15.00, M onday to F riday.
    closing date.
                                                                                                     A F C . 4002. S upply o f 20 x 2 W D pick-ups. C losing date, 31.8.95.
       F(h * supply contracts, the country of m anufacture m ust be stated. W hen tenders are                 N on-refundable deposit: Z $500. D ocum ents for tender A F C .
    com pared, a degree o f preference is deducted from prices tendered for goods m anufac­                   4002 are obtainable from the B udget M anager, A gricultural
    tured in Z im babw e.                                                                                     F inance C orporation, E leventh F loor, H urudza H ouse, 14-
       N o tender can be w ithdraw n oram ended during aperiod o f 30 days (or another period                 16, B aker A venue, H arare, Z im babw e. T elex 24373. T ele­
    specified in tender docum ents) from the stated closing date.                                             phone 795811, F ax 794932/3.

       T he G overnm ent does not bind itself to accept the low est or any tender, and reserves      D E F . 29/95. S upply and delivery of fitter electrician signals (F ES )
    the right U) select any tender in w hole or in part.                                                      w orkshop equipm ent. C losing date, 13.7.95. D ocum ents for
       T enders w hich are properly addressed to the G overnm ent T ender B oard in envelopes
                                                                                                              tender D E F, 29/95 are obtainable from the D irector, D irec­
    w ith the advertised tender num ber and description endorsed on the outside are not
                                                                                                              torate o f P rocurem ent and P urchasing, A rm y H eadquarters,
    c^ n ed until 10 a.m . on the closing date.
                                                                                                              P rivate B ag 7720, C ausew ay.

       M em bers of the public m ay attend the opening of tenders on Fourth Floor, A tlas
                                                                                                     M E D . 14/95. S upply and delivery o f pharm aceutical preparations—
    H ouse, 62, R obert M ugabe R oad, H arare, from 10 a.m . onw ards on the date specified.
                                                                                                             H arare and B ulaw ayo M edical S tores. C losing date, 20.7.9 5.
                                                                                                             D ocum ents for tender M E D . 14/95 are obtainable from the
                                                                      M ISS P .T IC H A G W A ,
                                                                                                             C ontroller, G overnm ent M edical S tores, L obenguia R oad,
    23-6-95.                                                       G overnm ent T ender B oard.              P .O . B ox S T 23, S outherton, H arare.
    Tender                                                                                           Z N F P1/95. S upply and delivery o f condom s. C losing date, 13,7.95.
    number                                                                                                  D ocum ents for tender Z N FP . 1/95 are obtainable from the
                                                                                                            E xecutive D irector, Z im babw e N ational F am ily P lanning
    D W D .37/95. E lectrical m otor rew inding for M idlands P rovince.
                                                                                                            C ouncil, P .O . B ox S T 220, S outherton, H arare, T elephone
           C losing date, 13.7.95. N on-refundable deposit: $100. D ocu­
                                                                                                            667656-9, T elex 26521, F ax 668678.
           m ents for tender D W D . 37/95 are obtainable from S tores
           O ffice, B lock 3, M akom be C om plex, H arare S treet /H erbert                         M O H . 2/95. S upply and delivery o f beans for the C hild S upplem en­
           C hitepo A ve, H arare, and from the D epartm ent o f W ater,                                     tary F eeding P rogram m e. C losing date, 29.6.95. D ocum ents
           F irst F loor, N hlanhlandlela G overnm ent C om plex, T enth                                     for tender M O H . 2/95 are obtainable from the D irector,
           A venue/B asch S treet, B ulaw ayo. T elephone 707861: E xt.                                      N ational N utrition U nit, M inistry o f H ealth and C hild W el­
           2112, H arare; and 69361, B ulaw ayo.                                                             fare, P.O . B ox C Y 1122, C ausew ay. T elephone 730011.
    V E T/T S ET S E. 1/95. S upply and delivery o f acetone or m ethyl                                       N O T IC E O F E X T EN S IO N O F C L O SIN G D A TE
            ketone (M E K ). C losing date, 13.7.95. D ocum ents for tender
            V E T/T SE T SE . 1/95 are obtainable from the assistant                                 Z E SA . 13/95. E ffluent disposal at H arare P ow er S tation. T he
            D irector, V eterinary S ervices, T setse and T rypanosom iasis                                  closing date has been extended from 29th June, 1995 to
            C ontrol B ranch, P .O . B ox 8283, C ausew ay.                                                  10.8.95.
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